Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
By the author of Light Falls Through You and the novel Canterbury Beach

In Loop, Anne Simpson explores the power, and the anguish, of many different modes of return – retrieval, revision, the covering of old ground with eyes wider and thoughts reconditioned by difficult wisdom. These poems occur at that place where a focused, compassionate vision comes to inhabit language and to find the forms that will suffice: a Möbius strip poem that loops back on itself; a crown of sonnets that take us back to the shock and grief of the twin towers and find deep resonance with paintings by Brueghel; a set of quick improvisations like the motion studies done for a drawing class. Simpson’s work shows us, again and again, the insight and excitement that come from the practice of a necessary craft in the service of a committed vision.



I knew you
long before I saw you,
one thing inside another
making itself up. Lightly,
snow fell, kept falling
the night you were born —
like those prayers tied
to branches by the Japanese —
scissored bits of paper,
each one a word:
a name, many...
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“With its strong lyric voice and simple yet dynamic forms, Loop is a collection that draws you, and draws you in.”
Quill & Quire

“Simpson’s lines ring lean and mature, and, like the late Bronwen Wallace, are full of people you know and people you don’t, but want to.”
Elm Street