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For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down

Publisher: Emblem Editions
A suspenseful and moving novel which has at its centre one of Richards’ most memorable and haunting characters. It is the fall of 1989 in a small Miramichi mill town. Jerry Bines is acquitted of murder and returns home to his estranged wife and young son, with hopes for a new beginning. But when he learns that Gary Percy Rils has escaped from prison, he has good reason to fear for his own safety and that of others. In his attempts to protect his family from Rils by taking him under his wing, Bines sets in motion a series of events that ultimately leads to tragedy. The story of what happens unfolds piece by piece, as related by police reports, interviews, and by a man to a boy. Vivid in its sense of place, this penetrating chronicle of lives is both dark and redemptive, devastating and comic. This novel was made into a Gemini Award-winning film of the same name.


“An enigmatic and moving novel.…”
Globe and Mail

“[Bines is] one of the great creations of Canadian literature.…[Richards’] work has a touch of greatness, yielding up reminders, sharp as woodsmoke on an autumn evening, of both the pity and the glory of being human.”

“There are few writers anywhere, and certainly none in Canada, who write with the raw power that Richards summons up.…”

“[His stories] soar with a beauty that breaks your heart.”
Kitchener-Waterloo Record