When She Was Bad

How And Why Women Get Away With Murder

Publisher: Vintage Canada
In this provocative book, award-winning journalist Patricia Pearson argues that our culture is in denial of women's innate capacity for aggression. We don't believe that women batter their husbands or abuse the majority of children in North America. We ignore the 200 percent increase in crime by women in a period when most crime statistics are dropping. Pearson weaves the stories of women such as Karla Homolka and Mary Beth Tinning (who smothered eight of her children) with the results of criminologists and psychiatrists to expose the myth of female innocence.


"This important, necessary book highlights our urgent need to re-examine what we think we know about female aggression."
The Globe and Mail (Notable Book of the Year)

The Vancouver Sun

"A compelling, frightening look at women, not as victims of violence, but as perpetrators of it... Gripping, controversial material that sheds light on violence and society, and how women can get away with murder."

"Remarkable... A pleasure to read. It is also profoundly disturbing, as it is the first significant sustained challenge against mainstream notions about violent femmes."
Quill & Quire