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White is for Witching

Publisher: Penguin Canada
With distinct originality and grace and an extraordinary gift for making the fantastic believable, Helen Oyeyemi spins the politics of family and nation into a riveting and unforgettable mystery.

As a child, Miranda Silver developed pica, a rare eating disorder that causes its victims to consume non-edible substances. The death of her mother when Miranda is sixteen exacerbates her condition. And then there's the family house in Dover, England, converted to a bed and breakfast by Miranda's father. Dover has long been known for its hostility toward outsiders. But The Silver House manifests a more conscious malice toward strangers, dispatching those visitors it despises. Enraged by the constant stream of foreign staff and guests, the house finally unleashes its most destructive power.


"When Oyeyemi burst on the scene at 20 with The Icarus Girl, we called her precocious. Now she’s a fully formed major literary talent." - NOW Magazine

“Hitchcock would have had a heyday with this literary novel. . . Eerie beyond measure, riveting and unique, it will make you think twice about turning the lights off at night.” - Winnipeg Free Press