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Break On Through

Publisher: Doubleday Canada
Welcome to the worst day of Nadine "Lady Six Sky" Durant's life. Just as she's getting used to the idea of a new baby sister squeezing her out of her family, her parents drop the REAL bomb--they're moving out of Parkdale, the downtown neighborhood they've always called home, to cheesy Rivercrest, a million miles away in the middle of nowhere.

Is this a conspiracy to keep her from breakdancing? Are they trying to force her to break up with her boyfriend Sean, aka Ruckus, aka the leader of their crew, Tha Rackit Klub, aka the sickest crew in all of Toronto? And just when they finally had a shot at the Hogtown Showdown, the biggest b-boy battle in town!

How's she going to get any respect in Rivercrest, when everywhere she turns another hater is waiting to smack her down, her parents only want her to focus on her grades, and her old friends back home won't even give her the time of day?

But b-girling is hers. And with the Showdown just months away, nobody is going to keep her from dancing, no matter how hard anyone tries.



I can see myself winning when I close my ­eyes.

It’s March. I’m at the final round of the Hogtown Showdown, the most important ­b-­boy battle of the year in all of Toronto. My crew, Rackit Klub, is up against the legendary Infinite Jest. Some of them have been breaking since...
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