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Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
The poetry of Don McKay is renowned for its piquant wit, lyric emotion, and pitch-perfect vernacular music. His work has received national acclaim and the recognition of many awards, including the Governor General’s Award for Poetry, which he has won twice, and, most recently, from the prestigious and internationally known Griffin Poetry Prize, for which his most recent book was a finalist.

Camber is the lilt in the physics of flight, the anti-gravitational alchemy of both wings and poetry. It is also at the heart of the poetry of Don McKay. Spanning three decades, and drawing on all of McKay’s major collections, this selection distills the essence of his craft and provides an overview of, and an ideal introduction to, the work to date of one of Canada’s most celebrated poets.



Leaving home is the beginning of resemblance.
— David Seymour

On leaving, you circulate among the things you own
to say farewell, properly,
knowing they will not cease to exist
after your departure, but go,
slowly, each in its own way,
So long and...
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“There may be no other poet in Canada who has such a fine ear for rhythm, for presenting an image that haunts you even in your sleep.…”
Edmonton Journal

“Don McKay is a poet of the senses, not merely of their fingertip interactions with the world, but of the deeper senses, the bone experience of life.”
London Free Press

“This is a poetry of extraordinary inventiveness and linguistic verve.… One of our finest poets.”
–Montreal Gazette