Enduring Love

Publisher: Vintage Canada
In one of the most striking opening scenes ever written, a bizarre ballooning accident and a chance meeting give birth to an obsession so powerful that an ordinary man is driven to the brink of madness and murder by another's delusions. Ian McEwan brings us an unforgettable story—dark, gripping, and brilliantly crafted—of how life can change in an instant.



The beginning is simple to mark. We were in sunlight under a turkey oak, partly protected from a strong, gusty wind. I was kneeling on the grass with a corkscrew in my hand, and Clarissa was passing me the bottle-a 1987 Daumas Gassac. This was the moment, this was the pinprick on the time map: I was stretching...
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1. Joe Rose is the narrator throughout Enduring Love; what kind of narrator is he? Near the beginning of the novel he describes himself as "in a dream ... both first and third persons." (19) He does seem to have an interesting omniscient quality; what accounts for this? Is it a result of his penchant...

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"An utterly compelling and haunting chronicle of private terror and delusion.... In Enduring Love, Ian McEwan has given us some of the best prose being written in English." —The Times Literary Supplement

"Utterly thrilling.... All I can do is praise the clarity and intelligence of the writing and say that Enduring Love is as riveting at the finish as it is at the start." —The Globe and Mail

"A drastic demonstration of human damageability.... Alive with tension and flickering with sardonic wit ... Enduring Love is taut with narrative excitements and suspense." —The Sunday Times

"A riveting showdown between faith and logic.... One of the most original, compelling works of McEwan's career." —Maclean's