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Godforsaken Sea

Racing The World's Most Dangerous Waters

Publisher: Vintage Canada
In the tradition of Into Thin Air and The Perfect Storm, an intensely gripping account of the round-the-world single-handed yacht race that claimed the life of Canadian sailor Gerry Roufs in a make-or-break dash through 12,000 miles of terror in the Southern Ocean.


Until Christmas Day, 1996, the race had been a typically robust version of previous Vendée Globe and boc races. If anything, it had been easier on the competitors than most of the earlier events. None of the collisions with flotsam or ice in this Vendée Globe had put the sailors' lives on the line. It was true...
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"Dramatic... Powerful... Remarkable... Derek Lundy's riveting and wonderfully expressive chronicle... is also a compelling example of creative non-fiction at its best." -- The Ottawa Citizen

"Superb and engaging..." -- The Globe and Mail

"Mr. Lundy is a champion explainer -- always simple, eloquent, and arrestingly vivid. You could follow him, and share in the elation and terror that he describes so well, even if you'd never been aboard a sailboat in your life." -- Jonathan Raban

"Riveting, often frightening... Godforsaken Sea digs into the psychology of extreme sports.... Lundy tries to understand why these men and women do what they do [and] recreates the moments when their self-control is overwhelmed by chaos." -- The Toronto Star

"Will excite the imagination of armchair adventurers and sailors of all stripes." -- The Halifax Daily News

Godforsaken Sea defies categorisation with the same facility with which it induces fascination. It is simply a great book. Lundy’s mixture of philosophy, psychology, meteorology, and physics is always embroidered by the human element. Their hope, fear and pain seem like staging posts on a spiritual journey.” -- The Herald (Glasgow)

“One of the best books ever written about sailing.” -- Time

“The best book ever written about the terrifying business of single-handed sailing…. As tight and gripping a read as The Perfect Storm or Into Thin Air.” -- San Francisco Chronicle

“A breathtaking, often terrifying look at the Vendée Globe race.” -- The Gazette

“In his eloquent Godforsaken Sea ... Lundy not only makes stirring narrative drama but also draws the lineaments of an archetypal hero, a human driven by fear, addicted to adrenalin, in need of the edge.” -- The New York Times