Maqroll's Prayer and Other Poems
Written by Alvaro Mutis; Translated by Alastair Reid; Translated by Edith Grossman;
The Mobius Strip Club of Grief
Written by Bianca Stone;
Poems from the Book of Hours
Written by Rainer Maria Rilke; Translated by Babette Deutsch;
Written by Philip Schultz;
Earthly Signs
Moscow Diaries, 1917-1922
Written by Marina Tsvetaeva; Translated by Jamey Gambrell;
Crossing the Water
Written by Sylvia Plath;
Our Life Grows
Written by Ryszard Krynicki; Afterword by Adam Michnik; Translated by Alissa Valles;
21 Poems
Written by George Oppen;
The Rain in Portugal
Written by Billy Collins;
The Selected Poems of Mary Oliver
Written by Mary Oliver;
Rift of Light
Written by William Logan;
How Freakin' Zeitgeist Are You?
Written by Murray Lachlan Young;
All We Saw
Written by Anne Michaels;
Is That All You People Think About?
A Haiku Collection
Written by Gordon Gordon;
Warriors of Love
Rumi’s Odes to Shams of Tabriz
Written by Mevlana Rumi; Introduction by James Cowan;
A Short Life of Pushkin
Written by Robert Chandler;
Poems of Gratitude
Edited by Emily Fragos;
John Ashbery: Collected Poems 1991-2000
Library of America #297
Written by John Ashbery; Edited by Mark Ford;
Elegy for a Broken Machine
Written by Patrick Phillips;
The Surveyors
Written by Mary Jo Salter;
Selected Poems of Thom Gunn
Written by Thom Gunn;
Sea, Land, Shadow
Written by Kazuko Shiraishi; Translated by Yumiko Tsumura;
Across the Vapour Gulf
Written by Will Alexander;
Blue Pearl
Written by Lesley Harrion;
Double Portrait
Written by Brittany Perham;
The Unaccompanied
Written by Simon Armitage;
The Mabinogi
Written by Matthew Francis;
The Wilds of Poetry
Adventures in Mind and Landscape
Written by David Hinton;
You Took the Last Bus Home
The Poems of Brian Bilston
Written by Brian Bilston;
Penguin's Poems for Weddings
Written by Laura Barber;
Brain Fever
Written by Kimiko Hahn;
Square Inch Hours
Written by Sherod Santos;
The Inferno
Written by Dante; Translated by Robert Hollander; Translated by Jean Hollander;
And Other Poems
Written by Nathaniel Tarn;
British Museum
Written by Daljit Nagra;
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