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NASA’s Multitasking Abilities Leave Something To Be Desired

The space agency is making exciting strides in deep-space exploration—but, apparently, not keeping a careful enough eye on objects closer to Earth.

Confessions of a Serial Faver

A quick chat with Kallen Law, “that guy who favorites everything” on Twitter, about the silly thing for which he’s known and the evolution of the social media service.

Cable Unbundling and the Triumph of Lowered Expectations

Canadian consumers may soon get to choose which cable channels they pay for, but don’t worry: telcos will still find new and exciting ways to disappoint.

What Rob Ford and His Critics Have in Common

My favourite theories of technology are the ones that argue we create tech in order to become cyborgs—that through everything from the hammer to the smartphone, we express our fantasies of becoming more than ourselves.

It’s the kind of...

The Great Indoors: Your Next Farm

If you look for it, you’ll find that certain conservative dailies on this planet have made a small cottage industry of republishing reports that caged animals are, in fact, healthier than free-range livestock. Indeed, this argument comes...

United By Hashtags: The Joy of the Bandwagon

Few things remind me of what my friends and I don’t have in common than when, amidst talk of books or TV shows over drinks, discussion turns to baby names. Specifically, it’s the point at which they start to go on about...

There Is No Garden For Us To Return To

The garden was supposed to be my reprieve. Just over two years ago, parental illness, a graduate degree that has been “almost done” for years, and big-city rent all conspired to, at the decidedly not-young age of 35, send me back home to live...

Maybe the Government Belongs in the Broadband Business

It’s been an uneven few weeks for tech policy in the United States. The Federal Communications Commission ...

This Week’s Energy Saviour is … Ammonia? Sure, Let’s Go With It

You could fill an Olympic-size swimming pool with the post-2008 financial filings of every energy company or researcher promising the next big thing in clean energy. Throw in the failed solar panel manufacturers (wiped out by cheap Chinese...

It’s Not a Lie If You Believe It: Of #EndFathersDay and Spaghetti Harvests

If you’ve ever been brave enough to delve into the roiling human cesspool that is Reddit, you might be familiar with phenomenon of “Ask Reddit,” a section of the...