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Studies Show

Studies Show

Comment Sections: Scientific Aberrations in Action

Yes, the comments are terrible, but the extent to which commenters’ behavior deviates from established psychological patterns is fascinating. And terrible.

How Do You Hurt the Ones You Love?

One way to measure how compassionate a partner you are? The way you break up with people.

White People’s Obsession with Reverse Racism

Why do so many white Americans think they’re the real victims?

Does Having a Sense of Humour Make You Funny?

There’s a difference between being able to enjoy jokes and actually making them.

The Nefarious Future of the Focus Group

When bored, our brains react in different ways—but when engaged, they march in mental lockstep.

Would You Like to See the Body?

The bodies of the passengers of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 began arriving at Eindhoven airport in the Netherlands yesterday—40 simple wooden coffins unloaded from military transport planes while a single bugle played on the tarmac.


What Came First, the Power or the Hypocrisy?

Last week, Islamic State militant leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was caught on tape railing against western decadence while seemingly wearing a luxury wristwatch (his supporters quickly ...

Cheaters Often Prosper: The Inverse Relationship Between Integrity and Creativity

In 1991, the FBI ran a background check on Steve Jobs, who was being considered for a position on President George H. W. Bush’s Export Council. Of the more than 29 people the...

How Do You Punish a Biter Like Luis Suarez?

Why does Luis Suarez bite? It is a bottomless mystery, a puzzle that inspires sportswriters to take on ...

How Much Do Americans Really Hate Soccer?

One of the more predictable pleasures of the World Cup—as comforting in its inevitability as the sight of the first Portuguese flop or the final Englishman in tears, pink face crumpled in bitter disappointment—is watching as a certain segment of...