The Right to Die in Prison

Belgium’s decision to grant euthanasia to a prisoner who claims he’s beyond rehabilitation may seem like a win-win, but making choices in prison isn’t like making choices anywhere else.

The Things You Own Insult You

Attachment to objects may be juvenile, but we won’t let that stop us.

Failing the First Nations

How will Canada ever accept that its current-day treatment of First Nations peoples is based on a criminal past if it can barely grasp that it’s mired in a criminal present?

Butts: A People’s History

Butts, contrary to what the tastemakers at The New York Times might have you believe, have always been pretty popular. What’s unique about this particular vogue is that, for once, it’s women-driven.

The Franklin Expedition Discovery: Is It Anything?

The discovery of the shipwrecked Erebus (or maybe Terror) is not some important marker in Canada’s quest to assert sovereignty over the Northwest Passage—no matter what Stephen Harper says.

Why Transit Won’t Make Your City Affordable

A recent report on the surprising affordability of New York City gave urbanists something to cheer. But it also missed a big point.

The Importance of Adult Classifieds

Sex workers contribute significantly to the economic health of print publications—and many other industries. How criminalization around sex work hurts everyone.

Why the Internet Needs Zelda Williams: An Open Letter

Cyberabusers—RIP trolls—have pushed Zelda Williams away from social media. But trolling highlights social problems that require a dialogue, and a terrain infested with such vitriol needs people like Zelda.

Racism is Not a Stain on the Soul—It’s Something You Do

It matters not to the dead if the white cop who shot an unarmed black kid’s fear and anger was inadvertent or premeditated.

The Great Indoors: Your Next Farm

If you look for it, you’ll find that certain conservative dailies on this planet have made a small cottage industry of republishing reports that caged animals are, in fact, healthier than free-range livestock. Indeed, this argument comes...