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The Franklin Expedition Discovery: Is It Anything?

The discovery of the shipwrecked Erebus (or maybe Terror) is not some important marker in Canada’s quest to assert sovereignty over the Northwest Passage—no matter what Stephen Harper says.

Why Transit Won’t Make Your City Affordable

A recent report on the surprising affordability of New York City gave urbanists something to cheer. But it also missed a big point.

The Importance of Adult Classifieds

Sex workers contribute significantly to the economic health of print publications—and many other industries. How criminalization around sex work hurts everyone.

Why the Internet Needs Zelda Williams: An Open Letter

Cyberabusers—RIP trolls—have pushed Zelda Williams away from social media. But trolling highlights social problems that require a dialogue, and a terrain infested with such vitriol needs people like Zelda.

Racism is Not a Stain on the Soul—It’s Something You Do

It matters not to the dead if the white cop who shot an unarmed black kid’s fear and anger was inadvertent or premeditated.

The Great Indoors: Your Next Farm

If you look for it, you’ll find that certain conservative dailies on this planet have made a small cottage industry of republishing reports that caged animals are, in fact, healthier than free-range livestock. Indeed, this argument comes...

Flying Home with the Two Worst People in the World

Last week one of our colleagues here at the Penguin Random House office, Samantha Swenson, travelled home to Nova Scotia to visit her family. The trip was one she wouldn’t soon forget. And thanks to her tweets neither will we.

United By Hashtags: The Joy of the Bandwagon

Few things remind me of what my friends and I don’t have in common than when, amidst talk of books or TV shows over drinks, discussion turns to baby names. Specifically, it’s the point at which they start to go on about...

Let’s Bring WorldPride to Qatar

I know Qatar’s not popular right now. Foreign workers. Probable corruption. Fifty-degree summers. And it’s not even a football country. I mean, sure, Brazil spent $18 billion for stadiums and other amenities aimed at the upper classes while 16...

It’s Not a Lie If You Believe It: Of #EndFathersDay and Spaghetti Harvests

If you’ve ever been brave enough to delve into the roiling human cesspool that is Reddit, you might be familiar with phenomenon of “Ask Reddit,” a section of the...