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Pop Montreal 2014 Postmortem: Jouissance Risks Fracture

Vaguely feverish notes on a few days of Ronnie Spector, Fagen-esque forgettable lyrics, the reunited Unicorns, and pastries unclassifiable in French or any other tongue.

Polaris Prize 2014 Postmortem: Praying For Disintegration

Notes on an evening of charming Canadian earnestness punctuated by at least one moment of indisputable triumph.

‘I Like All Music (Really)’

How millennials listen to music, and why genre still matters.

Butts: A People’s History

Butts, contrary to what the tastemakers at The New York Times might have you believe, have always been pretty popular. What’s unique about this particular vogue is that, for once, it’s women-driven.

What Robin Thicke Really Took From Marvin Gaye

“Blurred Lines” may sound like “Got To Give It Up,” but the true connection between the two singers is revealed in the pages of Thicke’s strange and sad deposition: a tendency toward self-pity.

The Black Notes of Owen Pallett

An email exchange with the singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist about his new album, song sequencing, dysphoria, and moving to Montreal.

‘I’m Coming Out’ Comes Back

Ariana Grande’s “Break Your Heart Right Back” is the latest song to sample the Diana Ross hit, though in more vicious fashion than usual.

Celebrating 10,000 Years of Arcade Fire

Notes on what will eventually be a book-length prose poem about the ten-year anniversary of Arcade Fire’s Funeral LP

Keys Open Doors: The New Pornographers’ Brill Bruisers

The band’s new album is sincerely synthetic, every other instrument kept on its toes by keyboards in pursuit. It’s also the liveliest they’ve sounded in a decade.

‘We Been Running All Our Mothafuckin’ Lives’

Tupac Shakur’s work is as resonant today—days after a police officer shot Michael Brown and left his body in the street—as it was then: an indicator of still-grim realities.