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‘I’m Coming Out’ Comes Back

Ariana Grande’s “Break Your Heart Right Back” is the latest song to sample the Diana Ross hit, though in more vicious fashion than usual.

Celebrating 10,000 Years of Arcade Fire

Notes on what will eventually be a book-length prose poem about the ten-year anniversary of Arcade Fire’s Funeral LP

Keys Open Doors: The New Pornographers’ Brill Bruisers

The band’s new album is sincerely synthetic, every other instrument kept on its toes by keyboards in pursuit. It’s also the liveliest they’ve sounded in a decade.

‘We Been Running All Our Mothafuckin’ Lives’

Tupac Shakur’s work is as resonant today—days after a police officer shot Michael Brown and left his body in the street—as it was then: an indicator of still-grim realities.

Leather Space Man: The Streets of Minneapolis

Minneapolis is home to all kinds of endangered wildlife—all teeth and scales and leather.

Sephora Fascism: My Life With Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

The D-list, so far: I went on some dates for paparazzi to photograph. I folded shirts. I got a few modeling gigs. I found cash inside of a fire hydrant. I changed my outfit but not my makeup. I lined up a lucrative appearance at the Immaculat...

Should People Just Sing in Their Own Accents?

It was said that actor Peter Sellers so excelled at his craft because he had no identity of his own—he simply became whoever he was playing. This tidbit goes...

The Global Matriarchy of 2047 Will Need an Anthem: Beyoncé and Jay Z, Live in Toronto

Before the Toronto date of their outlaw-themed On the Run tour, I fantasized about Beyoncé tying Jay Z to a chair, only removing his gag when she needed a guest verse for “Upgrade U” or “Crazy in Love.” Such havoc only went down last night...

Miracle Across 110th Street: The Gift of Bobby Womack

Unlike Sam Cooke, who discovered him, or Sly Stone and Aretha Franklin, for whom he served as a session guitarist, or the Rolling Stones, who made his song “It’s All Over Now” their first #1 hit, Bobby Womack only intermittently got over beyond...

NXNE 2014 Postmortem: Swans Destroys the Public Square, Juicy J Puts Shoes On Its Feet

The big controversy of this year’s North by Northeast was an extension of its standard radius clause, forbidding...