Drinking the Instagram Poison

A new study says we gravitate towards our most pathetic friends’ Facebook pages when we’re in a bad mood—but for a really toxic response, try drunkenly leering at the ones who are doing well.

28 ‘Til I Die

On reaching life’s sweet spot.

Buy My Cat

Few people would just give their beloved pet away. But for the right price? Keep talking.

Minding the Gap

It’s one thing to think about what it might be like to grow old with someone. It’s another thing to think about being with someone while they grow old.

David Michod’s The Rover
Finding a Home in the Apocalypse

For some immigrants, apocalypse fiction is more than just fantasy: it’s a reflection of their struggle to rebuild, the grief that comes with memory, and trying to belong in a new place.

Two Vessels

The rides of your life.

‘We Been Running All Our Mothafuckin’ Lives’

Tupac Shakur’s work is as resonant today—days after a police officer shot Michael Brown and left his body in the street—as it was then: an indicator of still-grim realities.

A Reliably Fun Thing I’ll Do Every Other Year Or So

The luxury cruise is, often, a vacation to be endured: the rigid structure, embarrassing pampering, forced interaction, the terrible predictability of it all. What could compel a person to keep shipping out, year after year?


In the aftermath of rape, and throughout the two-year-long rape trial, I was obsessed with dangerous animals. This is how I went from prey to predator.

Let Them Eat Steak: Arts Funding, US-Style

To those deemed worthy, six weeks at the MacDowell Colony bring new work, friendships, and great meals. Compare this to the Canadian model, in which artists (even emerging ones) receive just enough to live on from governments. Which way works...