Rachel Joyce
Bellman & Black
A Ghost Story
Diane Setterfield
Night Film Sampler
Written by Marisha Pessl;
Night Film
A Novel
Marisha Pessl
A Marker to Measure Drift
Alexander Maksik
Kiss Me First
Lottie Moggach
The Village
Nikita Lalwani
The Pigeon Pie Mystery
A Novel
Julia Stuart
Tigers in Red Weather
Liza Klaussmann
The Age of Miracles
Karen Thompson Walker
Fooling Houdini
Magicians, Mentalists, Math Geeks, and the Hidden Powers of the Mind
Alex Stone
Every Day, Every Hour
Natasa Dragnic
Chris Cleave
The Forrests
Emily Perkins
Our Lady of Alice Bhatti
Mohammed Hanif
I Am Forbidden
Anouk Markovits
The Street Sweeper
Elliot Perlman
Haruki Murakami
Last Man in Tower
Aravind Adiga
An Unquenchable Thirst
One Woman’s Extraordinary Journey of Faith, Hope, and Clarity
Mary Johnson
Girls in White Dresses
Jennifer Close
The Beautiful and the Damned
A Portrait of the New India
Siddhartha Deb
East of the West
Miroslav Penkov
Turn of Mind
Alice LaPlante
East of the West
Miroslav Penkov
Why Success Always Starts with Failure
Tim Harford
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