Penguin Canada to Publish Fourth Book in Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Series


Penguin Canada is proud to announce the Canadian publication of the authorized fourth book in Stieg Larsson’s best-selling Millennium series, which is slated for publication in more than 35 countries on August 27, including in the U.S. by Knopf.

Here is a Q&A with more information about this publication.

Is this novel a continuation of pages Stieg had already written?
No. This is a new work by David Lagercrantz, based on characters created by, and the three first novels written by, Stieg Larsson, and published in cooperation with Norstedts and the Larsson estate. It is an authorized sequel to Larsson’s previous work.

Who is the author?
David Lagercrantz. David is a Swedish journalist and author – someone deeply acquainted with Larsson and his work.

How was he selected? 
“We all felt that David Lagercrantz was perfectly suited for the task. He is an accomplished author who has created and written about complex and highly original characters throughout his career. We knew he would write this new Millennium novel in his own voice, while being faithful to the DNA of Stieg’s characters.” Eva Gedin, publisher of Norstedts

Is the Larsson estate aligned behind the project?
Yes, the Larsson family has been involved every step of the way. They suggested the writer and wrote an agreement with him for this novel and, given his bona fides, gave him creative latitude while working on the project: “By letting David Lagercrantz write his own Millennium novel we keep the characters and the universe Stieg Larsson created alive. This new work hews closely to the first three Millennium novels and is faithful to those characters; it is wholly new and contemporary – the perfect way for readers to resume their acquaintance with Lisbeth and Mikael. ”Joakim and Erland Larsson, the Stieg Larsson Estate

Will there be other books in the Millennium series?
Right now, we are keeping our focus the latest installment, Book Four in the Millennium series.

What characters from the previous GIRL books are in the new novel? 
Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander, of course, as well as Erika Berger, Jan Bublanski and Sonja Modig (among others). Readers will feel an immediate connection with these characters, but Lagercrantz, teasing out a new storyline, also introduces some new characters, including several high profile Americans (one a security manager from the NSA) and a Swedish professor of computer science from Silicon Valley.

How many copies of the trilogy have been sold worldwide?
80 million

What is the international publication date?
August, 27th 2015.

How many pages is the novel?
Approximately 500 pages.

What is the title in Swedish?
Det som inte dödar oss (“What doesn’t kill us”)

Will the US/Canada edition carry the same title as the Swedish edition?
No. The US/Canada title has not been set, and will be different from the Swedish (as was the case with the first and third Larsson books, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest). We can tell you this, however: it’s going to have at least one four-letter word in the title.

Is there a US/Canada jacket?
Not yet, but we can confirm that Peter Mendelsund will be designing it.

Where do things stand on the movie front?
The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest are both Sony projects, without dates attached.

Does David Lagercrantz speak English, and will he be available for interviews?
Yes he does and yes he will, but closer to publication.

Quote from Nicole Winstanley, President and Publisher, Penguin Canada:
“We are thrilled to welcome the return of Lisbeth and Mikael to Larsson’s millions of readers in Canada. This masterful trilogy was a true publishing phenomenon and to be able to continue with the addition of a hugely talented writer, and the blessing of the Larsson estate, is immensely exciting as both a publisher and fan.”