Random House Canada

Girl Positive
Supporting Girls to Shape a New World
Tatiana Fraser and Caia Hagel
A novel
Affinity Konar
News From the Red Desert
A novel
Kevin Patterson
The Cainsville Series
Kelley Armstrong
Van Gogh's Ear
The True Story
Bernadette Murphy
The Hatching
The Hatching Series Book One
Ezekiel Boone
Invisible Dead
A Wakeland Novel
Sam Wiebe
The Crow Girl
Erik Axl Sund
The Noise of Time
Julian Barnes
For the Glory
Olympic Legend Eric Liddell’s Journey of Faith and Survival
Duncan Hamilton
Startle and Illuminate
Carol Shields on Writing
Anne Giardini and Nicholas Giardini, eds.
Mothering Sunday
A Romance
Graham Swift
The Naturalist
Alissa York
Mexican Hooker #1
And My Other Roles Since the Revolution
Carmen Aguirre
Yiddish for Pirates
Gary Barwin
The Name Therapist
How Growing Up with My Odd Name Taught Me Everything You Need to Know about Yours
Duana Taha
Bad News
Last Journalists in a Dictatorship
Anjan Sundaram
The Wildings
Nilanjana Roy
City of the Lost
Kelley Armstrong
Red Star Tattoo
My Life as a Girl Revolutionary
Sonja Larsen
The Crooked Heart of Mercy
Billie Livingston
City of Thorns
Nine Lives in the World’s Largest Refugee Camp
Ben Rawlence
The Productivity Project
Accomplishing More by Managing Your Time, Attention, and Energy
Chris Bailey
Raw Bone
Scott Thornley
Mountain City Girls
The McGarrigle Family Album
Anna and Jane McGarrigle
Midnight Sun
A novel
Jo Nesbo
Mass Disruption
Thirty Years on the Front Lines of a Media Revolution
John Stackhouse
Our Turn
Kirstine Stewart
Don't Panic
ISIS, Terror and Today’s Middle East
Gwynne Dyer
The Only Average Guy
Inside the Uncommon World of Rob Ford
John Filion
All Out
A Father and Son Confront the Hard Truths That Made Them Better Men
Kevin Newman and Alex Newman
The Tsar of Love and Techno
Anthony Marra
Otherworld Secrets
More Thrilling Otherworld Tales
Kelley Armstrong
Keeping an Eye Open
Essays on Art
Julian Barnes
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