Puffin Canada

The Boy in Number Four
Kara Kootstra;Regan Thomson;Bobby Orr
The Circus Dogs of Prague
Rachelle Delaney
The Show To End All Shows
Book 2 Of Master Melville’s Medicine Show
Cary Fagan
The Secret Life of Squirrels
A Little Peanuts Book
Nancy Rose
The Haunting of Heck House
The Wiggins Weird Book 2
Lesley Livingston
Puffin Classic Awake and Dreaming
Puffin Classics Edition
Kit Pearson
The Puffin Classics Sky Is Falling
Kit Pearson;Ellis Sarah
Puffin Classics Looking At the Moon
Kit Pearson;Kevin Sylvester
The Puffin Classics Lights Go On Again
Kit Pearson;Shane Peacock
Puffin Classics Underground To Canada
Puffin Classics Edition
Barbara Smucker
The Silver Door
Book 2 Of The Three Doors Trilogy
Emily Rodda