Puffin Classics
Joy Kogawa
The Sky Is Falling
Puffin Classics
Kit Pearson;Ellis Sarah
Underground To Canada
Puffin Classics Edition
Barbara Smucker
The Twits
Roald Dahl; Quentin Blake
Peter Rabbit Baby Cards
For Milestone Moments
Puffin Rock - Hello Little Egg!
An Oona and Baba Adventure
Roald Dahl; Quentin Blake
The Magic Finger
Roald Dahl; Quentin Blake
Sophie Quire and the Last Storyguard
Part 2 in the Continuing Adventures of Peter Nimble
Jonathan Auxier
Chicken Nugget
Michelle Robinson; Illustrated by Tom McLaughlin
Sarah & Duck Have a Sleepover
Sarah Gomes Harris
Fortune Cookie
Chocolate Box Girls
Cathy Cassidy
Jail Break!
Romans on the Rampage
Jeremy Strong
Echo Come Home
Megan Rix
Escape to Wonderland
A Colouring Book Adventure
Good Wives and Warriors (Becky Bolton & Louise Chappell)
Ballet Shoes
Noel Streatfield
Max At Night
Ed Vere
Danger is STILL Everywhere
Beware of the Dog!
David O’Doherty, illustrated by Chris Judge
Goodnight Princess
Michelle Robinson, illustrated by Nick East
Goodnight Tractor (Board Book)
Michelle Robinson; Nick East
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