Ellen Seligman

Readers will never know the full extent of her influence, but among the staggering list of authors Ellen Seligman worked with (often from their very first books), they will recognize many of our country’s finest and most beloved writers.

The English Patient
Written by Michael Ondaatje;
The Handmaid's Tale
Written by Margaret Atwood;
Written by Jane Urquhart;

She left her mark on all of us – established writers, new young writers that she discovered and published for the first time.

The Book of Secrets
Written by M.G. Vassanji;
The Time in Between
Written by David Bergen;
Anil's Ghost
Written by Michael Ondaatje;
Stranger Music
Selected Poems and Songs
Written by Leonard Cohen;

I could not have written my five novels without her. Her attention to detail was heroic and her ability to see what a story needed was astonishing.

A Wild Peculiar Joy
The Selected Poems
Written by Irving Layton;
The Winter Vault
Written by Anne Michaels;
Short Journey Upriver toward Oishida
Written by Roo Borson;
Written by Colm Toibin;
From Harvey River
A Memoir of My Mother and Her People
Written by Lorna Goodison;
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