The Invisible Soldier
Captain W.A.P. Durie, His Life and Afterlife
Veronica Cusack
The Voyage of the Northern Magic
A Family Odyssey
Diane Stuemer
Lusty Winter
Max Braithwaite
Vices of My Blood
Maureen Jennings
The Gifted
A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery
Gail Bowen
The Canada Trip
Charles Gordon
Next Year Country
Barry Broadfoot
Lament for an Ocean
The Collapse of the Atlantic Cod Fishery
Michael Harris
Laughter-Silvered Wings
Remembering the Air Force II
Douglas J. Harvey
A Love of Reading, The Second Collection
More Reviews of Contemporary Fiction
Written by Robert Adams;
The Fire Witness
Lars Kepler
The Grim Pig
Charles Gordon
Bear With Me
What They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy and New Motherhood
Diane Flacks
The Last Train to Zona Verde
My Ultimate African Safari
Paul Theroux
Fall by Fury
Earle Birney
Gone to an Aunt's
Remembering Canada’s Homes for Unwed Mothers
Anne Petrie
Eat Your Way to Vibrant Health
Meghan Telpner
Supplying Salt and Light
Lorna Goodison
I Am So the Boss of You
An 8-Step Guide to Giving Your Family the “Business”
Kathy Buckworth
The Uncommon Touch
Tom Harpur
Sonali Deraniyagala
Red Doc>
Anne Carson
I Can't Stop Crying
Grief and Recovery, A Compassionate Guide
John D. Martin and Frank D. Ferris
The Canadian Writer's Market, 19th Edition
The Essential Guide for Freelance Writers
Updated by Heidi Waechtler
My Discovery of Siberia
Farley Mowat
The Best Canadian Animal Stories
Classic Tales by Master Storytellers
Muriel Whitaker
Smug Minority
Pierre Berton
Best Fiction Fall 2012 Sampler
Written by Random House;
The Best of Braithwaite
Max Braithwaite
To Russia with Fries
George Cohon
The Sahara’s Fabled City of Gold
Marq de Villiers and Sheila Hirtle
Natural Golf Swing
George Knudson
Wild Country
The Best of Andy Russell
Andy Russell
You Had to Be There
Robert Collins
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