A Short History of Canada
Seventh Edition
Written by Professor Desmond Morton;
All Is Beauty Now
Written by Sarah Faber;
The Winners' Circle
Written by Gail Bowen;
The Incest Diary
Written by Anonymous;
Toronto Architecture
A City Guide
Written by Patricia McHugh; Written by Alex Bozikovic;
Canada's Coca-Cola
Refreshing the Nation for 120 Years
Written by Douglas Hunter;
Please Proceed to the Nearest Exit
Written by Jessica Raya;
One Brother Shy
Written by Terry Fallis;
House of Names
A Novel
Written by Colm Toibin;
Rise to Greatness, Volume 3: Realm (1949-2017)
The History of Canada From the Vikings to the Present
Written by Conrad Black;
The Colour of Canada
Introduction by Roy MacGregor; Photographed by All Canada Photos;
Into the Fire
The Fight to Save Fort McMurray
Written by Jerron Hawley; Written by Graham Hurley; Written by Steve Sackett;
I have to live
Written by Aisha Sasha John;
I have to live
Written by Aisha Sasha John;
Baseball Life Advice
Loving the Game That Saved Me
Written by Stacey May Fowles;
American War
A Novel
Written by Omar El Akkad;
Rise to Greatness, Volume 2: Dominion (1867-1949)
The History of Canada From the Vikings to the Present
Written by Conrad Black;
Admission Requirements
Written by Phoebe Wang;
Thing Is
Written by Suzannah Showler;
Cardinal in the Eastern White Cedar
Written by Roo Borson;
Ice Ghosts
The Epic Hunt for the Lost Franklin Expedition
Written by Paul Watson;
So Much Love
Written by Rebecca Rosenblum;
Cold Is the Grave
Written by Peter Robinson;
Innocent Graves
Written by Peter Robinson;
In a Dry Season
Written by Peter Robinson;
4 3 2 1
Written by Paul Auster;
Dead Right
Written by Peter Robinson;
Julieta (Movie Tie-In Edition)
Three Stories That Inspired the Movie
Written by Alice Munro;
An Innocent in Cuba
Written by David McFadden;
Canada Under Louis XIV 1663-1701
Written by William John Eccles;
The Atlantic Provinces 1712-1857
The Emergence of Colonial Society
Written by W. Stewart Macnutt;
Canada 1922-1939
Decades of Discord
Written by John Herd Thompson; Written by Allen Seager;
New France 1744-1760
The Last Phase
Written by George F.G. Stanley;
The Union of the Canadas 1841-1857
The Growth of Canadian Institutions
Written by J.M.S. Careless;
Canada 1957-1967
The Years of Uncertainty and Innovation
Written by J.L. Granatstein;
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