Ice Ghosts
The Epic Hunt for the Lost Franklin Expedition
Paul Watson
So Much Love
Written by Rebecca Rosenblum;
Innocent Graves
Peter Robinson
4 3 2 1
Paul Auster
In a Dry Season
Peter Robinson
Dead Right
Peter Robinson
Cold Is the Grave
Peter Robinson
Julieta (Movie Tie-In Edition)
Three Stories That Inspired the Movie
Alice Munro
Lethal Legacy
Current Native Controversies in Canada
J.R. Miller
An Innocent in Cuba
David McFadden
Quebec 1760-1791
The Revolutionary Age
Hilda Neatby
Canada 1874-1896
Arduous Destiny
P.B. Waite
The Atlantic Provinces 1712-1857
The Emergence of Colonial Society
W.S. MacNutt
Canada 1922-1939
Decades of Discord
John Herd Thompson
New France 1744-1760
The Last Phase
George F.G. Stanley
The Union of the Canadas 1841-1857
The Growth of Canadian Institutions
J.M.S. Careless
Canada 1957-1967
The Years of Uncertainty and Innovation
J.L. Granatstein
The Critical Years 1857-1873
The Union of British North America
W.L. Morton
Lower Canada 1791-1840
Social Change & Nationalism
Fernand Ouellet
Canada 1896-1921
A Nation Transformed
Robert Craig Brown
New France 1701-1744
A Supplement to Europe
Dale Miquelon
Upper Canada 1784-1841
The Formative Years
Gerald M. Craig
The Forked Road
Canada 1939-1957
Donald Creighton
Final Account
Peter Robinson
Canada Always
The Defining Speeches of Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Edited by Arthur Milnes
The Hanging Valley
Peter Robinson
Wednesday's Child
Peter Robinson
Anne Carson
Autobiography of Red
A Novel in Verse
Anne Carson
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