McClelland & Stewart

Listening to the Candle
A Poem on Impulse
Peter Dale Scott
Alistair MacLeod
Abattoir Blues
Peter Robinson
No Known Grave
Maureen Jennings
A Poem
Fraser Sutherland
Nora Webster
Colm Toibin

Walking into wind, I lean into my mother’s muskrat coat;
around the cuffs her wristbones have worn away the fur.

If we stood still we’d disappear. There’s no up or down,
no houses with their windows lit. The only noise is wind

and what’s inside us. When we get home my father
will be there or not. No one ever looks for us.

The Opening Sky
Joan Thomas
Moral Disorder: A Story
Margaret Atwood
Stone Mattress
Margaret Atwood
Art of Darkness
David McFadden
||Image via Forlaget Oktober

The night Eleanor Catton won the Man Booker Prize for her novel The Luminaries so many New Zealanders tried to stream the event that the feed went down in several areas, and even her parents i

The Paying Guests
Sarah Waters
Ben Lerner
China Blues
Poems and Stories
David Donnell
Water Street Days
Poems and Stories
David Donnell
Hazlitt #2
Hazlitt Staff
The Quick
A Novel
Lauren Owen
The Tastemakers
Why We’re Crazy for Cupcakes but Fed Up with Fondue
David Sax
Smoke River
Krista Foss
Bringing It Home
A Nurse Discovers the World Beyond the Hospital
Tilda Shalof, with Judith Shamian
Claire Battershill
Medicine Walk
Richard Wagemese
Falling Out of Time
David Grossman, Translated by Jessica Cohen
Adam Sol
The Age
Nancy Lee
The Licence of War
Claire Letemendia
Naked in Academe
Celebrating Fifty Years of Creative Writing at UBC
Edited by Rhea Tregebor
Anna Hope
Touched By Fire
Doctors Without Borders in a Third World Crisis
Elliott Leyton
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