Allen Lane

Be Like the Fox
Machiavelli’s Lifelong Quest for Freedom
Erica Benner
The Enemy Within
A Tale of Muslim Britain
Sayeeda Warsi
Out of China
Chinese Nationalism and the West, from the First World War to the Return of Hong Kong
Robert Bickers
A Woman's Work
Harriet Harman
The Battle and the Legend
Tim Cook
Henry III (Penguin Monarchs)
‘A Simple and God-Fearing King’
Stephen Church
A Farewell to Ice
A Report from the Arctic
Peter Wadhams
Civil Wars
A History in Ideas
David Armitage
Creating Freedom
The Lottery of Birth, the Illusion of Consent, and the Fight for Our Future
Raoul Martinez
A History of Ancient Egypt, Volume 2
From the Great Pyramid to the Fall of the Middle Kingdom
John Romer
Better Now
Six Big Ideas to Improve Health Care for All Canadians
Dr. Danielle Martin
Karl Marx
Greatness and Illusion
Gareth Stedman Jones
Drugs in Nazi Germany
Norman Ohler
The Ring of Truth
The Wisdom of Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung
Roger Scruton
The Pursuit of Power
Europe, 1815-1914
Richard J Evans
The Penguin Book of English Song
Seven Centuries of Poetry from Chaucer to Auden
Richard Stokes
Blood and Land
The Story of Native North America
J.C.H. King
A Field Guide to Lies
Critical Thinking in the Information Age
Daniel J. Levitin
Rebooting Government
Nandan Nilekani;Viral Shah
The Truth About Why People Do Bad Things
Tom Gash
The Penguin History of Vietnam
Christopher Goscha
Rio de Janeiro
Luiz Eduardo Soares
The Republic
Seamus Murphy
Independence or Union
Scotland’s Past and Scotland’s Present
T M Devine
Algorithms to Live By
The Computer Science of Human Decisions
Brian Christian
India in 50 Lives
Sunil Khilnani
Edward VII
The Cosmopolitan King (Penguin Monarchs)
Richard Davenport-Hines
The Holy Roman Empire
A Thousand Years of Europe’s History
Peter H. Wilson
The Egyptians
A Radical Story
Jack Shenker
The Empire Of Things
How We Became a World of Consumers, from the 15thC to the 21stC
Frank Trentmann
Richard II
A Brittle Glory (Penguin Monarchs)
Laura Ashe
Children of Paradise
The Struggle for the Soul of Iran
Laura Secor
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