Allen Lane

Margaret Thatcher
The Authorized Biography, Volume Two
Charles Moore
To Hell and Back
Europe, 1914-1949
Ian Kershaw
The Reproach of Hunger
Food, Justice and Money in the 21st Century
David Rieff
In The Dark
Mai Jia
Fight to the Finish
Canadians in the Second World War, 1944-1945
Tim Cook
Agents of Empire
Knights, Corsairs, Jesuits and Spies in the 16th Century Mediterranean World
Noel Malcolm
Move Up
Why Some Cultures Advance While Others Don’t
Clotaire Rap Roemer;Andres Roemer
The Biography
Jochen Bleicken;Anthea Bell
Penguin Monarchs James II
The Last Catholic King
David Wormersley
Penguin Monarchs Henry II
A Prince Amoung Princes
Richard Barber
How to Run a Government
Michael Barber
Penguin Monarchs William and Mary
Partners in Revolution
Jonathan Keates
Lives of the Artists
Conversations With Nineteen Of The World’s Greatest Artists
Hans Ulrich Obrist
How the French Think
An Affectionate Portrait Of An Intellectual People
Sudhir Hazareesingh
Penguin Monarchs Victoria
Queen, Matriarch, Empress
Jane Ridley
The History of Canada Series: Three Weeks in Quebec City
The Meeting That Made Canada
Christopher Moore
The World Beyond Your Head
On Becoming an Individual in an Age of Distraction
Matthew B. Crawford
Middle Power, Middle Kingdom
What Canadians Need to Know about China in the 21st Century
David Mulroney
The Right to Be Cold
One Woman’s Story of Protecting Her Culture, the Arctic and the Whole Planet
Sheila Watt-Cloutier
The Barefoot Lawyer
A Memoir
Chen Guangcheng
A Time Traveller’s Tales From Britain’s Prehistory
Francis Pryor
Trouble in Paradise
Communism After The End Of History
Slavoj Zizek
The Shifts and the Shocks
How The Financial Crisis Has Changed Our Future
Martin Wolf
The Establishment
And How They Got Away With It
Owen Jones
How We Are
Vincent Deary
The Longest Afternoon
The Four Hundred Men Who Decided The Battle Of Waterloo
Brendan Simms
On Liberty
Shami Chakrabarti
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