Allen Lane

The Necessary War Vol. 1
Canadians Fighting The Second World War:1939-1943
Tim Cook
The War That Ended Peace
The Road To 1914
Margaret Macmillan
The History of Canada Series: Trouble on Main Street
Mackenzie King Reason Race And The 1907 Vancouver Riots
Julie F Gilmour
Borden;mackenzie King And Canada’s World Wars
Tim Cook
Ice And Water
Politics Peoples And The Artic Council
John English
The XX Factor
How The Rise Of Working Women Has Created A Far Less Equal World
Alison Wolf
Rewilding The Land The Sea And Human Life
George Monbiot
The Antidote
Happiness For People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking
Oliver Burkeman
Chronic Condition
Jeffrey Simpson
The History of Canada Series: The Best Place to Be
Expo 67 And Its Time
John Lownsbrough
The History of Canada Series:war in the St. Lawrence
The Forgotten U-boat Battles On Canada’s Shores
Roger Sarty
Middle Power, Middle Kingdom
What Canadians Need to Know about China in the 21st Century
David Mulroney
The Right to Be Cold
One Woman’s Story of Protecting Her Culture, the Arctic and the Whole Planet
Sheila Watt-Cloutier
The Barefoot Lawyer
Chen Guangcheng
The Barefoot Lawyer
A Memoir
Chen Guangcheng
John Hooper
Napoleon the Great
Andrew Roberts
Trouble In Paradise
Communism After The End Of History
Slavoj Zizek
A Time Traveller’s Tales From Britain’s Prehistory
Francis Pryor
On Liberty
Shami Chakrabarti
The Longest Afternoon
The Four Hundred Men Who Decided The Battle Of Waterloo
Brendan Simms
The Shifts and the Shocks
How The Financial Crisis Has Changed Our Future
Martin Wolf
The Establishment
And How They Got Away With It
Owen Jones
How We Are
Vincent Deary
Ring of Steel
Germany And Austria-hungary At War; 1914-1918
Alexander Watson
Christendom Destroyed
Europe 1517-1648
Mark Greengrass
City Of Peace City Of Blood
Justin Marozzi
Mammon's Kingdom
An Essay On Britain Now
David Marquand
Cursed Victory
A History Of Israel And The Occupied Territories
Ahron Bregman
Dreams Of The Good Life
The Life Of Flora Thompson And The Creation Of Lark Rise To Cand
Richard Mabey
Ways of Curating
Hans Ulrich Obrist
All That Is Solid
The Great Housing Disaster
Danny Dorling
Mai Jia
Inventing The Individual
The Origins Of Western Liberalism
Larry Siedentop
The Story of the Jews
Finding The Words: 1000 Bce-1492-ce
Simon Schama
The Race For The World’s Most Seductive Metal
Matthew Hart
The First Bohemians
Vic Gatrell
Music In The Castle Of Heaven
John Eliot Gardiner
The Republic
The Fight For Irish Independence
Charles Townshend
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