The Blank Screen Will Not Save You

The desire to refresh, recharge, and reinvent ourselves is natural, even healthy—but resolutions tied to objects and tools tend to disappoint us.

No Names, Many Histories

Anthropologist Gabriella Coleman wanted to write the definitive story of Anonymous. Her new book explains why that was an impossible goal.

For Kids, By Kids—But Not For Long

YouTube’s (mostly) teenage vloggers created a monumental mainstream youth culture free of adult supervision. Now they’re doing the unthinkable: growing up.

The Internet’s First Family

MetaFilter began in 1999 as a sort of humane proto-Reddit. Why did a site for sharing “best of the web” links become a place where strangers help each other in real life in extraordinary ways?

Computers! They’re Just Like Us

Plenty of companies are feeding data to computers in the hopes of replicating human behavior, but how close can machines truly get if all they have to work on is the information we offer?

The Things You Own Insult You

Attachment to objects may be juvenile, but we won’t let that stop us.

Say Good Night, Saturday Morning

On the end of Saturday-morning cartoons.

Are You #amwriting?

Leave it to writers to turn an ostensible productivity tool into yet another distraction.

NASA’s Multitasking Abilities Leave Something To Be Desired

The space agency is making exciting strides in deep-space exploration—but, apparently, not keeping a careful enough eye on objects closer to Earth.