Studies Show

Studies Show

The Secret Art of Talking to Other Humans

Whether at a friend’s birthday party or stark naked in the Nicaraguan jungle, our first conversations with strangers require a complex dance of tentative reveals and elisions.

Class Anxiety at the Farmers’ Market

Or: You expect me to pay two dollars for a tomato?

The Schadenfreude Economy

Why do we take such delight in the hilarious, satisfying pain of others?

People Have Too Much Confidence

The most overconfident among us may not be willfully delusional: inherent cognitive laziness or built-in defense mechanisms may be to blame. But even accidentally inflated egos can influence others.

Dad Brains: How Fatherhood Affects Grey Matter

A new child brings immediate responsibilities and stresses, but a person doesn’t “become a father” overnight.

Comment Sections: Scientific Aberrations in Action

Yes, the comments are terrible, but the extent to which commenters’ behavior deviates from established psychological patterns is fascinating. And terrible.

How Do You Hurt the Ones You Love?

One way to measure how compassionate a partner you are? The way you break up with people.

White People’s Obsession with Reverse Racism

Why do so many white Americans think they’re the real victims?

Does Having a Sense of Humour Make You Funny?

There’s a difference between being able to enjoy jokes and actually making them.