The Journeywoman

No one ever said being a professional boxer would be easy, but for the sport’s women, it seems almost impossible—and rarely worth it.

Mercury in Gatorade

Despite the rise of analytics in sports journalism, we still talk about basketball as though it’s magic.

How to Fix a Soccer Game

In this excerpt from The Fix: Soccer and Organized Crime, Declan Hill investigates the intricacies of match-fixing in soccer: how fixes are arranged, how they’re signalled, and how everyone gets paid.

Hatred, Haiku, and Hardcore Erotica: Your Guide to the 2015 Baseball Season

Literally every single thing you need to know to prepare yourself for the next 2,430 games.

Where the Academic Meets the Brawl

Kerry Howley’s debut book, Thrown, seems to fit into the tradition of the intellectual approaching a violent subculture with anthropological curiosity. Where it differs is in its uncommon empathy.

The Nord Remembers

It was always easy to dismiss Montreal as a baseball city. Now, though, 10 years after the Expos’ final game, it’s somehow harder than ever.

Kneel Before the IOC

With the potential host cities for the 2022 Winter Games narrowed down to Beijing and Almaty, Kazakhstan, the International Olympic Committee is no longer even trying to hide its priorities.

Is American Ninja Warrior Too Fun to be a Sport?

Like Wipeout, minus the schadenfreude and with a solemn appreciation of people with freakish upper-body strength.

How Do You Punish a Biter Like Luis Suarez?

Why does Luis Suarez bite? It is a bottomless mystery, a puzzle that inspires sportswriters to take on ...

How Much Do Americans Really Hate Soccer?

One of the more predictable pleasures of the World Cup—as comforting in its inevitability as the sight of the first Portuguese flop or the final Englishman in tears, pink face crumpled in bitter disappointment—is watching as a certain segment of...