My Double Album

Inspired by real-life events.

Dreams Are Boring

We attribute divine inspiration to madness, but escaping the cycle of mania for the comfort of a calmer mind doesn’t mean abandoning artistic greatness.

‘Life Itself Was Following Some Conventions’: An Interview with Mia Hansen-Løve

Talking to the director and co-writer of Eden about authenticity in portraying electronic music on film, refusing to moralize about partying, and the masterpiece that is Showgirls.

Alanis in Chains

The pressured pop career that led to Jagged Little Pill, which turns 20 years old today.

Flamboyance and Ruin: On the Mountain Goats’ ‘Beat the Champ’

John Darnielle has always been sensitive to people living in various states of collapse; in hindsight, a Mountain Goats album about wrestlers might have been inevitable.

Odds and Sods: On Rachel Kushner, Roberto Bolaño, and Literary B-Sides

As interviews, explanatory essays, and other process-focused publishing artifacts become inescapable parts of the literary package, do we have to reckon with novels on terms other than our own?

Lives From New York

On Kim Gordon’s Girl in a Band and Robert Christgau’s Going Into the City.

Every Grammy-Winning Record of the Year, Rated and Reviewed

From “the worst fucking song” Frank Sinatra ever heard to the upsetting eroticism of Rob Thomas, a comprehensive cataloging of all 55 award-winners since 1959.

The Recommender: All the Best of 2014

All (well, some of) the books, music, films and TV shows Hazlitt’s staff found and enjoyed this year.