‘That Old Lady is Really Letting it Rip’: An Interview with Alexandra Fuller

The author of Leaving Before the Rains Come on how to write fairly about divorce, whether anyone can truly “have it all,” and the perils of “bumper-sticker feminism.”

Seeking a More Complicated Truth: An Interview with Peter Carey

The author of Amnesia on shifting narratives, the early days of the Internet, and the CIA’s nefarious history in Australia.

‘I’m Okay, Are You Okay?’: An Interview with Bruce McCulloch

The Canadian comedy fixture on punk rock, drunk dads, and adapting his life for stage and screen.

Fingerprints ca. 1859
Killer Lunch: Lorenzo Carcaterra, Tess Gerritsen, and Chris Pavone In Conversation

Three mystery authors discuss crime television, the banality of murder, and the surprising niceness of crime writers.

Change Your Mind, Change Yourself: An Interview with the Dardennes

The sibling filmmakers on letting a story grow organically, the challenges of representing depression on screen, and finding variances in a repetitive structure.

Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kasuma, via Flickr
Artists Don’t Have To Do It All Themselves: An Interview with Sarah Thornton

The author of 33 Artists in 3 Acts discusses whether being an artist means knowing how to do life drawing, art as a financial asset, and the rise of Lena Dunham.

Memorable For the Wrong Reasons: Tom Ewing on Charity Singles

In e-mail conversation with the UK music critic about “We Are the World,” “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” and other “classics” of the genre.

The Times You Go Into the Darkness: An Interview with Alison Pick

The author of Between Gods on uncovering family secrets, converting, and the vulnerability of self-discovery.

Will Self via Wikimedia Commons
‘We’re All Surrealists Now’: An Interview with Will Self

During a visit to his London home, the author and noted perambulator talks about his new novel, the pathologies and addictions of late capitalism, and his present “end-of-days consciousness.”

‘If You’re Pretentious, Be Obviously Pretentious’: An Interview with Frederick Wiseman

The National Gallery filmmaker talks about cultural elitism, film vs. digital, and the challenges of bringing artwork to life on screen.