‘Perhaps I’ll Remain In Between’: An Interview with Alan Hollinghurst

A career-spanning talk with the author of The Swimming-Pool Library and The Stranger’s Child.

‘Totalitarian Terror Isn’t Operating On Your Schedule’: An Interview with Jim Shepard

The Book of Aron author on the challenges of implicating Jews in a story about their suffering and the point of fictionalizing the Holocaust.

Page Three: An Interview with Ottessa Moshfegh

“I’m not comfortable with life on Earth. This life here feels really harsh and painful. It has felt like torture here a lot of the time.”

‘Life Itself Was Following Some Conventions’: An Interview with Mia Hansen-Løve

Talking to the director and co-writer of Eden about authenticity in portraying electronic music on film, refusing to moralize about partying, and the masterpiece that is Showgirls.

‘Writing Was Always an Act of Losing Control’: An Interview with Etgar Keret

The author of The Seven Good Years on peace versus compromise, Hebrew Book Week, and how writing fiction is like dreaming.

‘You Don’t Get To Be The Writer You Want To Be’: An Interview with Mat Johnson

Talking with the author of Loving Day and Pym about telling realistic ghost stories, the upside of illegal downloading, and the surprisingly radical idea that writing should be entertaining.

Glamorously Housebound: An Interview with Simon Hanselmann

Talking with the Megahex author about reckoning with gender confusion, the influence of bad sitcoms, and the surprisingly popularity of his work in gay-unfriendly Russia.

‘If You Stop and Look, You Will Literally Die’: An Interview with Merritt Kopas

Talking to the editor of Videogames For Humans about why mainstream games are bad at sex, how traditional narrative structures fail women, and the weird thrill of dictatorial power.

‘Am I Womansplaining To You?’: An Interview With Jessica Hopper

Talking to the author of The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic about Riot Grrrl, how kids change your taste, and getting permission to be a critic.

John Vaillant and Louise Dennys in Conversation

The author of The Jaguar’s Children speaks with his long-time editor about his new novel, moving from nonfiction to fiction, and the intimacy of the author-editor relationship.