The Times You Go Into the Darkness: An Interview with Alison Pick

The author of Between Gods on uncovering family secrets, converting, and the vulnerability of self-discovery.

Will Self via Wikimedia Commons
‘We’re All Surrealists Now’: An Interview with Will Self

During a visit to his London home, the author and noted perambulator talks about his new novel, the pathologies and addictions of late capitalism, and his present “end-of-days consciousness.”

‘If You’re Pretentious, Be Obviously Pretentious’: An Interview with Frederick Wiseman

The National Gallery filmmaker talks about cultural elitism, film vs. digital, and the challenges of bringing artwork to life on screen.

‘The Novel Is Like a Room’—an Interview with Karl Ove Knausgaard

The author of My Struggle talks about memory, translating the Bible, and his most epic of autobiographies as an act of “re-staging something that is inside of me.”

‘The Book is Like a Compost Heap’: An Interview with David Cronenberg

The filmmaker discusses the process of writing his debut novel, great illiterate screenwriters, and finding beauty in our bodies’ grislier corners.

Truer Than Fact: An Interview with Ann-Marie MacDonald

The author of Adult Onset on parenthood, trauma, and geeking out on psychoanalytic theory.

Refusing To Condescend: Johanna Skibsrud and ‘Difficult’ Literature

The Giller Prize-winning author returns with a new novel, Quartet for the End of Time, which challenges not only her readers, but the limits of artistic expression.

‘If You Go After Power, There Are Costs’: An Interview With Naomi Klein

The author of This Changes Everything on how the environmental movement went awry, and why it needs to rediscover its sense of radicalism—demanding deep change from the status quo.

The Black Notes of Owen Pallett

An email exchange with the singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist about his new album, song sequencing, dysphoria, and moving to Montreal.

Short Stories That Are Sick

Mireille Silcoff on her new fiction collection, inspired by her own epic battle with a rare spinal condition.