‘If You Stop and Look, You Will Literally Die’: An Interview with Merritt Kopas

Talking to the editor of Videogames For Humans about why mainstream games are bad at sex, how traditional narrative structures fail women, and the weird thrill of dictatorial power.

‘Am I Womansplaining To You?’: An Interview With Jessica Hopper

Talking to the author of The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic about Riot Grrrl, how kids change your taste, and getting permission to be a critic.

John Vaillant and Louise Dennys in Conversation

The author of The Jaguar’s Children speaks with his long-time editor about his new novel, moving from nonfiction to fiction, and the intimacy of the author-editor relationship.

‘Camp Is Such An Interesting Space For Failure’: An Interview with Jordan Tannahill

We talk to the theatre artist and author of Theatre of the Unimpressed: In Search of Vital Drama about working with non-professional actors, failure, and the terrible persistence of blackface.

‘You Make Your Own Path Within the Maze’: An Interview with Olivier Assayas

Talking with the filmmaker behind Clouds of Sils Maria about meta-relationships between his movies, unconscious influences, and the beauty of acting.

Fur Trade: When a Niche Community Goes Corporate

Talking with a longtime member of the online furry community FurAffinity about the site’s sale, how furries are treated in 2015, and the evolution of highly specific Internet environments.

‘Just Get Seduced’: An Interview with Lisandro Alonso and Viggo Mortensen

The director and star of Jauja on their strange and dreamlike new film, the importance of props, and the happy accidents of filmmaking.

‘That Old Lady is Really Letting it Rip’: An Interview with Alexandra Fuller

The author of Leaving Before the Rains Come on how to write fairly about divorce, whether anyone can truly “have it all,” and the perils of “bumper-sticker feminism.”

Seeking a More Complicated Truth: An Interview with Peter Carey

The author of Amnesia on shifting narratives, the early days of the Internet, and the CIA’s nefarious history in Australia.

‘I’m Okay, Are You Okay?’: An Interview with Bruce McCulloch

The Canadian comedy fixture on punk rock, drunk dads, and adapting his life for stage and screen.