Suddenly, the Same Thing

Giving birth mere hours after a terrorist attack.

Dinner For One

When you grow up eating alone, sometimes a terrible dinner is all you can ask for.

‘He’s Not Really Here’

My grandfather was gone before he died. Even when I dream about him, I can’t bring the real Bob back.

I Stole A Pen From Douglas Adams’ Grave

Fourteen years after his death, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy author’s influence can be as much a burden as it is a source of comfort.

The Human Repair Shop

It’s not easy to put a person back together, even at the U.S. military’s premier burn unit.

Blank Space

Our minds have a funny way of re-writing history. What do we do with all we’ve forgotten?

The Girls on Shit Duty

A weeklong trip filled with deep-fried shore meals does funny things to a man’s insides. When you have to clean up the grisly aftermath, all you can do is laugh.

Origin Story

Why I’m moving back to Pakistan.

My Mother’s (Terrified) Daughter

Growing up, my mother’s fearlessness let me pretend I was brave. But as she’s grown more anxious, I feel the power of her protection lift.

Dry January: A Failure

A cleanse should help you cherish the glory of a healthy body. But what if it just makes you fixate on the toxins you can’t quite rid yourself of?