The Year In Being Less of a Liar

On finally telling your parents you have romantic feelings for a fellow adult.

Goals I’ve Set, and Other Mistakes

What can you learn from the bucket list you kept as an 11-year-old?

Requiem For Hot Teens

How Alex from Target reminds us of a time when the Internet was a wide-open space of mostly innocent nothingness.

Chasing Ghosts via Wikimedia Commons
The Sad Lives of Famous Ghosts

Not everyone’s lucky enough to escape their haunts.

The Internet’s First Family

MetaFilter began in 1999 as a sort of humane proto-Reddit. Why did a site for sharing “best of the web” links become a place where strangers help each other in real life in extraordinary ways?

I’ll Believe Anything

Halloween would be a perfect holiday if not for all the opportunities for other people to trick you like the gullible dummy you are.

Drinking the Instagram Poison

A new study says we gravitate towards our most pathetic friends’ Facebook pages when we’re in a bad mood—but for a really toxic response, try drunkenly leering at the ones who are doing well.

28 ‘Til I Die

On reaching life’s sweet spot.

Buy My Cat

Few people would just give their beloved pet away. But for the right price? Keep talking.

Minding the Gap

It’s one thing to think about what it might be like to grow old with someone. It’s another thing to think about being with someone while they grow old.