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What Robin Thicke Really Took From Marvin Gaye

“Blurred Lines” may sound like “Got To Give It Up,” but the true connection between the two singers is revealed in the pages of Thicke’s strange and sad deposition: a tendency toward self-pity.

What Questions Can You Ask Mike Tyson?

The former boxer’s ongoing redemption tour hit a snag when a Toronto TV reporter asked him about his criminal past. That people sided with Tyson showed just how little we expect of these interviews.

‘I’m Coming Out’ Comes Back

Ariana Grande’s “Break Your Heart Right Back” is the latest song to sample the Diana Ross hit, though in more vicious fashion than usual.

Celebrating 10,000 Years of Arcade Fire

Notes on what will eventually be a book-length prose poem about the ten-year anniversary of Arcade Fire’s Funeral LP

An Investigation Into the Reappearance of Walter Benjamin

History tells us that the influential German literary critic died more than seventy years ago. So how is it then that Benjamin is now out doing lectures and has published a new book?

Keys Open Doors: The New Pornographers’ Brill Bruisers

The band’s new album is sincerely synthetic, every other instrument kept on its toes by keyboards in pursuit. It’s also the liveliest they’ve sounded in a decade.

The Bleak Depths of BoJack

Netflix hits a terrific new low with the surprisingly dark and deeply silly BoJack Horseman.

Hue and Sigh: The Drab Palettes of Modern Superhero Movies

And what Guardians of the Galaxy gets at least a little right.

Terrifying Horror Stories in which the Cheerleader Lives

Young Adult meets Horror. Four books featuring small towns, teen girls, intimate friendships on the border between love and hate, and brutal murders.

‘We Been Running All Our Mothafuckin’ Lives’

Tupac Shakur’s work is as resonant today—days after a police officer shot Michael Brown and left his body in the street—as it was then: an indicator of still-grim realities.