Changing Minds: Nick Jonas, One Direction, and the Rare Act of Pop Transference

There’s no sure escape from the compressed life of a boy band.

Willow and Jaden Smith: The Outtakes

T magazine “condensed and edited” its interview earlier this week with Willow and Jaden Smith. Here, exclusively, is what didn’t make the cut.

Stumbling Towards the Mainstream: On Azealia Banks’ Broke With Expensive Taste

Banks’ long-delayed debut album arrived with a shrug, but this is less evidence of an artist failing to live up to her potential than of the still-crushing vagaries of the record industry.

Three Guns

The ones that scare us, the ones that take things away from us, and the ones that make us feel in control.

J.K. Simmons demands perfection
Mastery is Misery

Two new films, Whiplash and Adult Beginners, make the same point: that real happiness means abandoning the obsessiveness required for greatness. Only one of them thinks this is a bad thing.

Joseph Heller’s Long Forgotten Musical Comedy

Before Catch-22 became a huge success, Joseph Heller wrote the play that he believed would make his fortune. Fifty years later, the lewd production has almost entirely been written out of his career.

Deconstructing Selfies

Matthew L. Miller’s “Can’t You See It, I Am One” gallery show is a challenge to—and rejection of—one of the central tenets of self-portraiture: that the artist himself is the subject.

At the Bleeding Edge of Language

The revival of The Four Horsemen Project uses dance, projection, and immersive sound to answer a call made by avant-garde poets 30 years ago.

A Brief History of Prince Not Doing Things

Oh, like you’ve never cancelled an album because of a bad ecstasy trip.

There Has Never Been Another Time To Be Alive

How Marvel, Netflix, and others harness the past and future to keep us immersed in an anticipatory, amnesic, spectacular now.