Punk-Rock Comedy in a Late-Night Suit

In praise of David Letterman, the preeminent establishment-backed comedy revolutionary, on the day of his final show.

The Heartbreak Kids

A scientific exploration of teenage devastation.

That Home Feeling

Giving voice to alienation belies the myth of multiculturalism and creates a true Canadian narrative.

‘Camp Is Such An Interesting Space For Failure’: An Interview with Jordan Tannahill

We talk to the theatre artist and author of Theatre of the Unimpressed: In Search of Vital Drama about working with non-professional actors, failure, and the terrible persistence of blackface.

Flamboyance and Ruin: On the Mountain Goats’ ‘Beat the Champ’

John Darnielle has always been sensitive to people living in various states of collapse; in hindsight, a Mountain Goats album about wrestlers might have been inevitable.

Odds and Sods: On Rachel Kushner, Roberto Bolaño, and Literary B-Sides

As interviews, explanatory essays, and other process-focused publishing artifacts become inescapable parts of the literary package, do we have to reckon with novels on terms other than our own?

‘You Make Your Own Path Within the Maze’: An Interview with Olivier Assayas

Talking with the filmmaker behind Clouds of Sils Maria about meta-relationships between his movies, unconscious influences, and the beauty of acting.

‘I Only Read It For The Interviews’

Playboy has always relied on a balance between the erotic and the literary, and its long interviews are the most consistent asset for the latter. But what’s that identity worth in 2015?

Must We Forfeit Our Ghee?

There’s a fine line between cultural fusion and cultural appropriation, but all namaste actually means is “hello.”

Fur Trade: When a Niche Community Goes Corporate

Talking with a longtime member of the online furry community FurAffinity about the site’s sale, how furries are treated in 2015, and the evolution of highly specific Internet environments.