Fur Trade: When a Niche Community Goes Corporate

Talking with a longtime member of the online furry community FurAffinity about the site’s sale, how furries are treated in 2015, and the evolution of highly specific Internet environments.

This Portentous Composition: Swan Lake’s Place in Soviet Politics

How the classic ballet has changed—and been changed by—the history of Russia.

Abuse of Power Comes as No Surprise

On Dennis Hopper’s disavowed art-crime failure Backtrack, a film combining the work of Jenny Holzer, Jodie Foster as a glam-rock Patty Hearst, and Bob Dylan in a hardhat.

Right Now, Forever

On preserving and celebrating the present, from Meerkat to Knausgaard, one fresh crisis after another for all eternity.

Lives From New York

On Kim Gordon’s Girl in a Band and Robert Christgau’s Going Into the City.

The Essence of Archie

Through their many permutations, Archie comics have always evoked a certain adolescence—even when their tangles of anachronism likely felt foreign to any real-life teens.

Notable Mugs: The Complete Series

What’s in a face? We invited ten writers to take part in a statuette-free celebration of what draws us to the people we can’t stop watching.

Notable Mugs: Gabourey Sidibe

“What I’ve always admired is the emotive depth of Sidibe’s gaze. Disbelief and insouciance, terror and DGAF—so much is felt, and said, in a flash.”