My Double Album

Inspired by real-life events.

The Last Days of Kathy Acker

The notorious punk novelist was as uncompromising in death as she was in life.

Inside Scharpling & Wurster’s ‘Power Pop Pop Pop’

Why the story of a detestable “power pop dictator” may be The Best Show’s quintessential bit (or one of them, at least).

Dreams Are Boring

We attribute divine inspiration to madness, but escaping the cycle of mania for the comfort of a calmer mind doesn’t mean abandoning artistic greatness.

‘Life Itself Was Following Some Conventions’: An Interview with Mia Hansen-Løve

Talking to the director and co-writer of Eden about authenticity in portraying electronic music on film, refusing to moralize about partying, and the masterpiece that is Showgirls.

Dinner For One

When you grow up eating alone, sometimes a terrible dinner is all you can ask for.

A Warrior Woman’s Work

Furiosa isn’t history’s first female fighter, but she is the latest to remind us that women’s place is everywhere.

Alanis in Chains

The pressured pop career that led to Jagged Little Pill, which turns 20 years old today.

Game of Thrones, Season 5, Episode 9: Gazing Longingly Into the Abyss

A weekly conversation between an avid Game of Thrones fan, and someone who has actively avoided it until now.

Punk-Rock Comedy in a Late-Night Suit

In praise of David Letterman, the preeminent establishment-backed comedy revolutionary, on the day of his final show.