Get Your Tay On: How David Rees’s Aphex Swift Pranks on Pop Phenomenology

The comedian’s Taylor Swift/Aphex Twin mashup casts the latter as the naïvely self-expressive one and the former as the master technician—and makes you fantasize about Swift’s possible final form.

The Important Thing is That We’re Arguing

Humans will debate just about anything; whether their positions stand up to any sort of external scrutiny is often of secondary concern. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this diagram.

People Have Too Much Confidence

The most overconfident among us may not be willfully delusional: inherent cognitive laziness or built-in defense mechanisms may be to blame. But even accidentally inflated egos can influence others.

Vapor Tales: On Tinashe, and Sounding Atmospheric

Like musicians whose songs you might instinctively call “angular” or “twee,” the singer’s debut album strikes immediately as “atmospheric”—whatever that means.

Out of the Woods and Into the Particle Accelerator

Figuring out the force behind Taylor Swift’s new song, one component part at a time.

The Knick’s Historical Manipulations

Steven Soderbergh’s turn-of-the-last-century medical drama is obsessed with modernity—what it means to step out of history’s shadow, and how we shape the past to fit our current needs.

The Truth Behind Kill the Messenger

In the 1990s investigative reporter Gary Webb broke the story linking the CIA with drug traffickers. Then his own fellow journalists effectively ruined him. Enter Hollywood.

A Brief History of the Personal

Why post a personal when you could do Tinder? The reasons span centuries.

Say Good Night, Saturday Morning

On the end of Saturday-morning cartoons.

Maybe You’re the Villain in Your Story

Notes on an evening with Dan Harmon, and the myriad ways in which you can enchant and disappoint the ones you love (or, at least, who love you).