Hail, Mary

I was excited to exist as a non-religious writer, free of the idea that my words might “save” someone. Which is why I was surprised when, recently, I realized I was acting like a religious person.

My Double Album

Inspired by real-life events.

The Last Days of Kathy Acker

The notorious punk novelist was as uncompromising in death as she was in life.

‘Perhaps I’ll Remain In Between’: An Interview with Alan Hollinghurst

A career-spanning talk with the author of The Swimming-Pool Library and The Stranger’s Child.

A Simplified Version of American History

A series of letters between editors from Melville House and Hazlitt about classic novels they may or may not have read growing up. The first installment: To Kill A Mockingbird.

The Broken Promise Pt. 4

David confronts his cousin about the mysterious baby and bloodstained stroller.

The Journeywoman

No one ever said being a professional boxer would be easy, but for the sport’s women, it seems almost impossible—and rarely worth it.

The Broken Promise Pt. 3

Detective Barry Duckworth investigates the site of a grisly slaughter.

‘A Kind of Artistic Séance’: The New Phase of Literary Collaborations

Outside of (unfairly maligned) genre work, literature has historically been seen as a solitary calling rather than a collaborative one. That seems to be changing, and we’re all the better for it.

The Broken Promise Pt. 2

David arrives at his cousin’s house and finds a bloody handprint on the front door.