The Essence of Archie

Through their many permutations, Archie comics have always evoked a certain adolescence—even when their tangles of anachronism likely felt foreign to any real-life teens.

Are Atheists Angrier Than Everyone Else?

On the pervasive stereotype of the militant non-believer.

Notable Mugs: Gabourey Sidibe

“What I’ve always admired is the emotive depth of Sidibe’s gaze. Disbelief and insouciance, terror and DGAF—so much is felt, and said, in a flash.”

Notable Mugs: Anjelica Huston

“Anjelica Huston holds a gun and looks at the camera dead-on and her stare seems more potent than the weapon. She’s the girl you follow out of the party because the action is going wherever she does.”

‘That Old Lady is Really Letting it Rip’: An Interview with Alexandra Fuller

The author of Leaving Before the Rains Come on how to write fairly about divorce, whether anyone can truly “have it all,” and the perils of “bumper-sticker feminism.”

Notable Mugs: Joaquin Phoenix

“That scar is a reminder that he’s just a guy and not, say, a bored show husky I also want to have sex with.”

Notable Mugs: Tracee Ellis Ross

“What one sees in Ross’s eyes is unrelenting laughter, the most incendiary form of nonviolent protest to which a face can aspire.”

Notable Mugs: Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan

“As in the early Indian novel Anandamath, in which patriotic warriors pay obeisance to India cast as both map and mother, Aish was both synecdoche and sex symbol, metaphor and mater.”