Under the Tourist’s Gaze

Attempting to appeal to a tourist’s ideas of local culture is inevitably a losing proposition. The traveler’s very presence, after all, is already a mark against a place.

Fur Trade: When a Niche Community Goes Corporate

Talking with a longtime member of the online furry community FurAffinity about the site’s sale, how furries are treated in 2015, and the evolution of highly specific Internet environments.

This Portentous Composition: Swan Lake’s Place in Soviet Politics

How the classic ballet has changed—and been changed by—the history of Russia.

What Do We See in War Movies?

On the visual language of American Sniper, ‘71, The Hurt Locker, and Saving Private Ryan.

The Girls on Shit Duty

A weeklong trip filled with deep-fried shore meals does funny things to a man’s insides. When you have to clean up the grisly aftermath, all you can do is laugh.

‘Just Get Seduced’: An Interview with Lisandro Alonso and Viggo Mortensen

The director and star of Jauja on their strange and dreamlike new film, the importance of props, and the happy accidents of filmmaking.

Female Authority and the Male Leadership Myth

In the notoriously sexist and gossipy restaurant industry, “bosses” become “bitches” far too easily.

Abuse of Power Comes as No Surprise

On Dennis Hopper’s disavowed art-crime failure Backtrack, a film combining the work of Jenny Holzer, Jodie Foster as a glam-rock Patty Hearst, and Bob Dylan in a hardhat.

Origin Story

Why I’m moving back to Pakistan.

Right Now, Forever

On preserving and celebrating the present, from Meerkat to Knausgaard, one fresh crisis after another for all eternity.