Hazlitt is founded on the premise that anything can be interesting—that a good writer can make an opera fan care about house, or a fashion blogger take an interest in the illegal arms trade. Good writing can make a finance story as riveting as celebrity gossip.

So Hazlitt aspires to publish great writing on everything. Politics, art, the environment, film, music, law, business. Books and writers—their ideas, insights and stories—are at the heart of what we do, because books and writers are at the heart of culture, both high and low.

Our writers are smart, insightful, occasionally combative, funny, and well read; our cast is wildly diverse. We feature best-selling, award-winning authors alongside young, emerging writers, both from Canada and abroad. Provided they meet two conditions: write well and don’t bore us.


Hazlitt is Random House of Canada’s new flagship digital habitat. It’s not just a homepage or marketing vehicle. In a way, Hazlitt is based on an old model of publishing—the publisher as trader in ideas. As more people read books electronically, and the entire cultural landscape shifts with the emergence of new media formats, publishers must seize the opportunities for innovation available to them.

As such, Hazlitt is more than just an online magazine—it’s a platform for innovations in digital storytelling and commentary, from mobile apps, games and podcasts, to films, interactive media, and originally commissioned e-books. We’re creating a space where print and digital not only live together, but sustain each other.