Radigan/North to the Rails

Publisher: Bantam

Tom Radigan spent four hard years building up his ranch. Now a beautiful and deadly opportunist presents him with “evidence” that the land belongs to her. Angelina Foley wants Radigan off Vache Creek immediately, and with an outfit of gunfighters to back her and winter coming on, she’s not taking no for an answer. Outmanned, outgunned, and legally outmaneuvered, Radigan isn’t going anywhere. Not without fighting for what he knows is rightfully his…even if he has to die for it.

North to the Rails

Tom Chantry came west to buy cattle, not to find trouble. So when he leaves town rather than accept a challenge from a gunfighter named Dutch Akin, he’s labeled a coward. Now only one man will agree to help Chantry take his herd to the railroad: a shrewd and ruthless cattleman named French Williams. He makes Chantry an unusual deal. He will hire a crew but Chantry must remain with the drive from start to finish or forfeit the herd. Chantry accepts…and the first man French hires is Dutch Akin.


Chapter One

THE DRIVING RAIN drew a sullen, metallic curtain across the fading afternoon, and beneath his horse's hoofs the earth was soggy with this rain and that of the rains that had gone before. Hunching his big shoulders under the slicker, Tom Radigan was thinking of the warm cabin and the hot coffee...
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