Basque History Of The World

Publisher: Vintage Canada
"They are a mythical people, almost an imagined people," writes Mark Kurlansky. Settled in seven provinces in a corner of France and Spain in a land that is marked on no maps except their own, separated by the daunting Pyrenees, the Basques are a nation without a country, with an ancient and dramatic story that illuminates Europe's own saga. In prose alive with anecdote (and recipes), Kurlansky unearths the obscure origins of the Basques and charts their clear and remarkable contributions to world history.


Chapter One

1.The Basque Myth

The Basques share with the Celts the privilege of indulging in unrivaled extravagance on the subject of themselves. —Miguel de Unamuno quoting Ampère, HISTORY OF FRENCH LITERATURE BEFORE THE TWELFTH CENTURY, 1884

The Basques seem to be a mythical people,...
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"This wildly informative work is a marvel of clarity, glittering with unusual facts and marked by penetrating insights into a people always making complex choices about the degree of independence that was needed to preserve their way of life." -- Publishers Weekly

"An accessible book with an encyclopedic sweep and a delight in digression. Like Cod... it's a fugue, with historical narrative and cultural study weaving through geography, myth mixing with social history and politics, cookery abutting commentary." -- The Globe and Mail