The Property of a Lady

Publisher: Delta
The magnificent Ivanoff emerald: It surfaced at  Christie's at Geneva, "The Property of a  Lady"--a lady now sought by powerful men intent on  seizing a legacy that could tilt the world balance of  power . . .

The terrifying Ivanoff secret: She  lived like a pauper with a royal ransom in gems,  determined to carry her secret to the grave . . .  until an act of love and a public auction brought  the world--and the curse--to her door . . .

The  last of the Ivanoffs--pawns in a deadly game: The  royal gems are merely the lure to the hidden  billions for which nations are willing to kill. The last  of the Ivanoffs should have died in 1917. Now,  two generations later, they are the prize--and the  prey . . .
From war-torn Russia to New York's  teeming Lower East Side . . . from Ziegfeld's Broadway  and the Hollywood of the moguls to contemporary  Washington, Geneva, and Berlin, Elizabeth's Adler's  novel of passion, power, and royal privilege will  command your attention to the very last  page.

From the Paperback edition.


"Adler's evocation of fleshpots like  Manhattan and Hollywood is admirable . . . Wide-screen romance/intrigue."
--Kirkus  Reviews

From the Paperback edition.