Darwin’s Ghost

Publisher: Anchor Canada
In Darwin's Ghost, Steve Jones has taken on the exciting challenge of rewriting the book of the millennium: Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species. Before The Origin, biology was a set of unconnected facts, but Darwin made it into a science, linked by the theory of evolution (the grammar of the living world). Darwin used the biology of the nineteenth century to prove his theory. Now, using the astonishing advances of the twentieth century, Steve Jones reargues the case. His "new version" of The Origin is a bold and fascinating tour of evolution's wonders, revealing ties between cancer and the genetics of fish, between brewing beer and inheriting disease, between the sex lives of crocodiles and the politics of Brazil.



According to a 1991 opinion poll, a hundred million Americans believe that "God created man pretty much in his present form at one time during the last ten thousand years." A large majority saw no reason to oppose the teaching of creationism in schools. They...
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“Steve Jones, a science journalist and professor of zoology at University College, London, has now rewritten the original masterpiece, and revitalized it with much evidence that was hidden from Darwin. His book, Darwin’s Ghost: The Origin of Species Updated, engagingly reworks the story to transform it into an enthralling read suitable for anyone going on a three-week holiday.” —The Globe and Mail

“In accessible and authoritative style, Jones cites everything from the AIDS virus to American Kennel Club rules to demonstrate the power of Darwin’s theory.” —The Globe and Mail