The Custodian of Paradise

Publisher: Vintage Canada

Wayne Johnston was born and raised in the St. John's area of Newfoundland. His #1 nationally bestselling novels include The Custodian of Paradise, The Navigator of New York and The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, which was an international bestseller and will be made into a film. Johnston is also the author of an award-winning and bestselling memoir, Baltimore's Mansion. He lives in Toronto.


Chapter One

A clause in my mother’s will tersely stipulated: “I leave to Sheilagh Fielding, the only child of my first marriage, the sum of three thousand dollars.” It was because of her money that I was able to come to the island of Loreburn. I had gone for days to a place called the Registry,...
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1. Though she’s from a “quality” family, not “scruff,” Sheilagh lives in rundown places like the boarding house on New York’s Lower East Side, the shack on the Bonavista line, and the Cochrane Street Hotel Why do you think she does this? Talk as well about the class differences that...

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“Epic artistry, an opportunity to witness a writer’s development and a second chance for readers to get what they wanted from The Colony of Unrequited Dreams.”
The Vancouver Sun

“Fielding is a truly unforgettable character.”
–Edmonton Journal

“[Johnston is] a literary giant who has god-given talent.”
–Will Ferguson, The Globe and Mail

“Why I love reading Wayne Johnston: The reader goes skittering through Wayne Johnston’s novels, driven inexorably forward on the force of his characters, on the power of his wit.”
–Mary Walsh

“The book moves because of Sheilagh’s passion and brilliance, and that is why Johnston has, against all probability, written a follow-up book that manages to outshine the original.”
National Post

Praise for Wayne Johnston:

“Wayne Johnston is prodigiously talented.”
The Globe and Mail

“Wayne Johnston is a brilliant and accomplished writer and his Newfoundland – boots and boats, rough politics and rough country, history and journalism – is vivid and sharp.”
–Annie Proulx

“Unlike most recent bestselling novels that are remembered for the plane flight and then promptly forgotten, Wayne’s stories have characters who move in and take up permanent residence.”
–Mary Walsh

“[Johnston is] a literary giant who has god-given talent.”
–Will Ferguson, The Globe and Mail

“His books are beautifully written, among the funniest I’ve ever read, yet somehow at the same time among the most poignant and moving.”
–Annie Dillard