Arthur & George

Publisher: Vintage Canada
Arthur & George is a masterful novel about low crime and high spirituality, guilt and innocence, identity, nationality and race. Most of all, it’s a profound and witty meditation on the fateful differences between what we believe, what we know and what we can prove.





A child wants to see. It always begins like this, and it began like this then. A child wanted to see.

He was able to walk, and could reach up to a door handle. He did this with nothing that could be called a purpose, merely the instinctive tourism of infancy. A door...
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1. One of the first things we learn about George is that “For a start, he lacks imagination.” George is deeply attached to the facts, while early in life Arthur discovers the “essential connection between narrative and reward.” How does this temperamental difference determine their approaches to...

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A New York Times Bestseller
A Globe and Mail Best Book

“It may be Barnes’s best novel to date. High praise, I know, but Arthur & George really is that good.” The Vancouver Sun

“From the first paragraph,” says P.D. James, “we know ourselves to be in the hands of a major novelist and are borne forward by a compelling narrative … This novel is Barnes at his best.” The Times (UK)

“An extraordinary novel.... First-rate.... A cracking good yarn.... A real-life mystery.” New York Times Book Review

“A brilliant book…. Every line of this novel reveals Barnes’s intelligent focus and his meticulous research.” Calgary Herald

“A new book by Julian Barnes is something one always anticipates, and his admirers have much to celebrate with Arthur & George, perhaps his best effort yet…. One of the most entertaining novels that I have read in some time…. It will remind the reader of just how compelling a pleasure reading a novel is.” Edmonton Journal

“A sublime reading experience.… This is an unforgettable novel.” The Vancouver Sun

“A superbly crafted novel, wryly observed, steadily compelling.” The Gazette