The Roar of the Butterflies

Publisher: Anchor Canada
Luton in the grip of a sweltering summer is a pretty sedentary place–which is bad for the private detective business. Thieves, fraudsters and philanderers take the month off and the only swingers in town are the ones to be found on the 19th hole of the Royal Hoo Golf Course. The civilized reputation of the “Hoo” is in trouble, however.

Shocking allegations of cheating have been directed at one of its leading members, Chris Porphyry. When Chris turns to Joe Sixsmith, PI, he’s more than willing to help. . .well, he hasn’t got any other clients…only Joe hadn’t counted on being charmed, kissed and then dangled out of a window all in the same day! Before long, though, Joe is on the trail of a conspiracy that starts with missing balls, and ends with murder. . .

From the Hardcover edition.



Joe Sixsmith was adrift in space.

Light years beneath him gleamed the tiny orb he was supposed to make contact with, but he knew it was an impossible dream.

His muscles had melted, his lungs were starved of oxygen, and the only part of his mind not paralysed by terror was the bit...
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“Reginald Hill is quite simply one of the best at work today.”
Boston Globe

“Delightful. . . . Highly entertaining.”
Literary Review (UK)

“Told with humour and a light touch. . . Ideal summer reading.”
Sunday Telegraph (UK)

Praise for the Joe Sixsmith series:
“Entertaining, sly, jokey . . . cynical, well written, and teems with sparkly dialogue — all the virtues we expect from Hill.”
The Times (UK)