Dialogues of the Dead

Publisher: Seal Books
Reginald Hill, “the master of form and sorcerer of style” returns with an internationally bestselling mystery as Dalziel and Pascoe pursue their most twisted opponent yet – the Wordman.

A diabolically clever plot full of puns, cryptic riddles and word play that tests the mettle of Dalziel and Pascoe.

A man drowns. Another dies in a motorbike crash. Two seemingly random accidents, yet, in a pair of so-called dialogues sent to the Mid-Yorkshire Gazette, apparently as entries in a short story competition, someone seems to be claiming responsibility.

At the Mid-Yorkshire CID, however, no one seems to take the deaths seriously, not even young DC Hat Bowler. But when the story is leaked to the media, and a third indisputable murder occurs, Dalziel and Pascoe find themselves playing a deadly game against an opponent known as the Wordman.

Gradually, the hunt focuses on three main suspects. Yet Dialogue follows Dialogue and funeral follows funeral until Hat
Bowler begins to fear that the next murder may strike very close to home...


Chapter I

The first dialogue

Hi, there. How’re you doing?

Me, I’m fine, I think.

That’s right. It’s hard to tell sometimes, but there seems to be some movement at last. Funny old thing, life, isn’t it?

OK, death too. But life . . .

Just a short while...
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Praise for Reginald Hill:

“He just keeps getting better and better... Hill, a true master, never fails to shock and surprise.” -- Ian Rankin

“Hill remains one of the finest crime writers of this era.” -- Booklist (starred review)

“Hill’s polished, sophisticated novels are intelligently written and permeated with his sly and delightful sense of humor. More than most other mystery novels, Hill’s Dalziel/Pascoe novels are enjoyable as much for their characters as for their complicated, suspenseful mystery plots.” -- The Christian Science Monitor

“Reginald Hill blends civility and madness in a most agreeable way.” -- New York

“A lot of people write classic detective stories, but Reginald Hill is one of the elite few who write classy classics.” -- The Baltimore Sun

“The real joy of the Dalziel-Pascoe books is the writing and the characterizations. Mr. Hill has such disparate writers as Trollope, Beerbohm, Sayers and Shaw in his blood.” -- The New York Times

“There is no doubt that England’s Reginald Hill is one of the greats.” -- Rocky Mountain News