Everything You Know

Publisher: Vintage Canada
Willy Muller is an embittered writer of celebrity bios and an equal-opportunity misanthropist. At the age of fifty, he has survived imprisonment for murdering his wife, years of venomous hate mail from the British public and, most recently, the suicide of his daughter Sadie. Willy needs a rest, but he's not going to get it. While recuperating from a heart attack in a Mexican resort with his magnificently silly girlfriend Penny and his vodka-drenched friend Harry, Willy finds himself drawn into a troubling confrontation with his past. He should be working on the screen adaptation of his infamous hack memoir, To Have and to Hold, but instead he becomes engrossed in Sadie's tragic diaries. Reluctantly, he considers his chaotic family history and the notion that "only when you die do you run out of chances to be good."

Set in Mexico, Los Angeles and London, Everything You Know is a story of love and loathing, sex and death, and filial relations gone horribly awry. Acidly funny and deeply affecting, it marks the debut of a brilliant and immensely stylish young writer.


This afternoon, as I came awake from one of those thin, un-refreshing hospital naps, a strange woman was standing over my bed. She was unusually tall -- maybe six foot -- with a sad, too-long face and a wonky right eye.

"Mr. Muller?" she said. "I hope I didn't disturb you. My name is Vivian Champ. I'm...
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“A smashing success. Wickedly funny, lively and ultimately moving.”

“Acerbic, sneakily touching . . . an assiduously sentimental novelist, but she knows where the heartstrings are if she needs them.”
The New York Times Book Review

“At once biting and sly, hilarious and haunting. A blazingly good debut.”
The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Delightfully black-hearted. . . . Not since Flannery O’Connor has a woman writer come along who seems to so thoroughly understand the greasy inner cogs of the male psyche, especially where matters of sex are concerned.”
The Baltimore Sun

“Instantly ranks her among the most interesting and exiting of British writers.”
— Will Self