ABC Our Country

A Northern Alphabet

Publisher: Tundra Books
A is for Arctic, B for Bering Sea, C for Clyde River – and Z for Zangeza Bay – all to be explored above the 60th parallel.


Selected, Resource Links's list of The Year's Best, 2009

"Harrison’s vibrantly colorful illustrations distinctly capture the spirit of the north." - School Library Journal

“The simplicity of the art and text allows A Northern Alphabet to be accessible to the young reader as a read-a-loud primer .... Further, the art and region specific content will make this a ‘must have’ book for the upper elementary grades studying the North. Finally, this book provides an inexpensive example of Ted Harrison's work for art programs with a focus on Canadian artists ....” - CM Magazine

“After reading the six books contained in the ‘ABC Our Country’ alphabet series, I wanted to visit the places described and illustrated in each one .... the artwork is impeccable, vibrant and mesmerizing .... has succeeded in capturing the country and its people between the colourful pages of each book, in a very Canadian way.” - The Telegram

From the Hardcover edition.