A World Of My Own

A Dream Diary

Publisher: Vintage Canada
Graham Greene was always deeply interested in the role played by the subconscious in his writing, and the private world of his dreams was one that he nurtured carefully, recording it almost daily in his dream diaries.  Selecting from these dream diaries, he prepared this small treasure for publication just before his death in 1991—
a last gift from a great writer to delight and entertain his readers.


"Simply as likeable a little book as I've read in years, funny and moving and always marvellously subtle in its intelligence, the work of a craftsman who knows his craft so deeply that nothing he touches escapes it." — The Globe & Mail

"Delightfully odd...an endearing little book." —The Montreal Gazette

"This little book honours what in so many ways Green honoured in his long lifetime of writing: the value of mystery." —William Trevor