Monika Volume 2 - Vanilla Dolls

Publisher: Titan Comics
In the epic conclusion to this sensual, political and psychological thriller, Monika must make her choice! It's either the Vanilla Dolls or her own sister...

     At the behest of Theo, Monika takes to the erotic stage alongside the Vanilla Dolls, but this new masked charade troubles her and much as it exhausts her. The Crucis Brigade lie in wait, their seductive dream of a new of a new West edging ever closer... and Monika is the only one who can stop her murderous sister, Erika!


"Guillem March's art is really something to behold." - Get Your Geek On

"It’s sensuous art work and bewitching story is a breath of fresh air... prepare yourself for a vivid comic experience." - Fan Girl Nation

"With Milo Manara like pencils and a script that would make Brian De Palma sweat, Monika is a steamy addition to any bookshelf... 9 out of 10" - Newsarama

"Sensuous, ethereal and quite simply put, utterly entrancing...5 stars" - Comic Crusaders

"Thilde Barboni that weaves an erotic thriller brought to life by the sensual palette of Guillem March" - Ramingo