A Vintage Short

Barcelona from A to Z

Publisher: Vintage
To bring one of Barrie Kerper's indispensable guides along with you on your trip is like having a savvy friend be your personal tour guide. In her latest, Barrie opens an insider's, intimate view onto the streets of one of her favorite European cities, Barcelona. Whether you plan to visit for the vibrant, romantic festival of books and flowers on April 23rd, La Diada de Sant Jordi, or at any other time of the year, Barrie has the perfect recommendations for your trip, no matter your interests or your budget. From Accommodations to Xocoa, she spells out where you need to be, how to get there, and what books to read along the way. The infallible advice is woven into loving reflections on the city's history, culture, and more. 

A Vintage Shorts Original. An ebook short.


Praise for Barrie Kerper and The Collected Traveler Series: 

“Perfect for both the armchair traveler and those who want to get up and go.” —Chicago Tribune 

"Part guidebook, part recipe book, part history book, part character study.... Whether you're planning a trip or just visiting from the armchair, this is an engaging journey." —Denver Post
"[It] lets you fall in love with the history, but keeps you intrigued with recommendations for the present.... This book educates without making you feel like an outsider." —Bridal Guide Magazine’s Travel Blog