Brad Shade Thriller

The Third Man In

Publisher: Penguin Canada
Corruption runs deep in the third installment of the Brad Shade thrillers, the series that inspired the hit Global TV show Private Eyes.

     When Brad Shade arrives in Russia, he knows exactly what to expect.  As a former journeyman turned Scouting Director for Los Angeles, Shade is accustomed to delays at the world’s worst airport, run-ins with Vlad Dubinin, once his rival, now his Moscow scout, and the perpetual headache of getting draft picks released from the KHL.
     But this trip starts off with a catastrophic bang: one player collapses suddenly mid-game, L.A.’s top prospect is missing, and a fatal explosion leaves deals dashed and the league reeling. Forced to contend with violent interference from the FSB, Shade becomes increasingly aware that what looks like a series of unrelated disasters may be something far more sinister.
     And when everything points to deception within his own organization, Shade realizes yet again that the game played off the ice is just as dangerous—and far more deadly—than the game played on it.


Praise for the Brad Shade thrillers:

“This acerbic anti-hero has an icy heart, more so than any protagonist dreamt up by Dashiell Hammett or Elmore Leonard.” —Toronto Star

“Joyce takes us on a brief, witty, and devilishly clever trip. . . . The writing and characters are so very, very good. There’s plenty of behind-the-scenes chat to amuse the hockey fans, but even if, like me, you have never watched a puck, you will find Brad Shade . . . good to the final paragraph.” —The Globe and Mail

“Joyce writes with guts and gusto. A refreshing, new, rough and ready voice. Cunning, funny, and powerful.” —Robert Rotenberg

“Hockey’s inherently gothic and operatic qualities make an ideal backdrop for murder, and Joyce  . . . exploits them with verve.” —Maclean’s

“Part CSI, part L.A. Law, part Hockey Night in Canada—Gare Joyce deserves a championship ring for his uncanny portrayal of Brad Shade, the earthy, educated hockey scout sleuth. This is sports writing, crime writing, and just plain writing as good as it gets.” —Roy MacGregor, author of Wayne Gretzky’s Ghost

“[Joyce’s] knowledgeable, engagingly cynical perspective on hockey should prove compelling even for those readers with no interest in the sport.” —Publishers Weekly

“One of this continent’s master craftsmen of sporting prose . . . as fine a writer as can be found in any field.” —Jeff MacGregor, ESPN