City of the Lost

A Darkness Absolute

A Rockton Thriller (City of the Lost 2)

Publisher: Random House Canada
People disappear to Rockton so no-one can find them. But the trouble is people also disappear from Rockton. New York Times and Globe and Mail bestselling author and master of thrills Kelley Armstrong returns to Rockton for more page-turning suspense, following her #1 national bestseller, City of the Lost.

It's winter in Rockton, a little town hidden deep in the wilds of the Yukon. The town exists for people who need to escape their pasts, though it's not clear if those in hiding are victims or perpetrators. Or, when the lines gets blurred, maybe both. Ask Casey. She's been used, betrayed, beaten. But she's also killed someone. She moved to Rockton to help her best friend, Diana. Ex-best friend. Diana lied to get Casey to come with her; she used her and she almost got her killed. But Casey decided to stay anyway, to work as a detective alongside her new boyfriend and the town's sheriff, Eric Dalton. Fresh off solving a series of grisly murders, Casey and Deputy Will Anders get stranded in a blizzard while they're tracking a runner from the town. Seeking shelter in a cave, they stumble across a woman who's been imprisoned in a deep well. Nicole Chavez--whom everybody thought had run away from town and died in the woods more than a year earlier--is alive. Barely. But she can't identify her captor: she's never seen his face.
     Was she taken by one of the hostiles who inhabit the wilderness around the town? Or is Casey facing something even worse? In a town where everyone lies about their past and lives under assumed identities, it's very easy to hide your true nature...



“This sequel to City of the Lost is, simply, terrific. . . . Kelley Armstrong’s plot is complex and shows why Casey Duncan is a detective to watch.” —Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail

“Kelley Armstrong follows up City of the Lost with . . . more page-turning suspense.” —49th Shelf

“Armstrong keeps the plot turning and cranks up the tension from one chapter to the next. She’s already shown she’s good at that, and A Darkness Absolute is no exception.” —The Oklahoman


“A locked-room mystery on steroids; readers should prepare for an all-nighter to finish it.”

“Best known for her books set in the supernatural Otherworld universe (Otherworld Secrets, etc.), bestseller Armstrong introduces homicide detective Casey Duncan, who’s haunted by a violent crime she once committed, in this excellent first in a new thriller series. . . . A highly unusual set-up sets the stage for a distinctive cast of characters and a page-turning plot.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“The eerie descriptions of setting and chilling character backgrounds give the tale an almost supernatural edge.” —Kirkus Reviews 
“[A] good thriller to read by the fire on a weekend evening. The ending will be a surprise to most readers.” —The Millstone

“Armstrong has always been adept at keeping us guessing, as she also does here, about the identity of the serial killer who is picking off Rocktonians in an inventively gruesome way. It's Rockton itself, though, that keeps us turning the pages. Armstrong has fun playing with genre tropes in City of the Lost, and she doesn't limit herself to the paranormal or to crime.” —The Sydney Morning Herald

City of the Lost is one of those books that can keep you reading long after you should have been in bed, asleep. I'm looking forward to a sequel.” —The Oklahoman

“[City of the Lost] may be one of my top favourite reads from Armstrong, and that’s something considering I’ve been a fan from the early days.” —Lost In a Great Book (blog)

“I am excited to see where this story is going. I’m especially curious about this mysterious town.” —Big City Bookworm (blog) 

In City of the Lost, the character arcsreveals, secrets and betrayalselevated the story’s tension to squirming-in-my-seat territory. . . . [I]n true Armstrong form, the remote northern location was described in eerie, atmospheric splendour, becoming a character in and of itself. . . . Combining the unique setting and a killer cast . . . with questionable motives and even more questionable pasts means that I’ve found another series to obsess over. . . . Just add this baby to your TBR pileNow-ish.” —Jennie’s Nails and Tales (blog) 


“Like Stephen King, who manages an under-the-covers, flashlight-in-face kind of storytelling without sounding ridiculous, Armstrong not only writes interesting page-turners, she has also achieved that unlikely goal, what all writers strive for: a genre of her own.” —The Walrus

Kelley Armstrong is one of the purest storytellers Canada has produced in a long while. Her Otherworld saga of twelve books spun a complicated paranormal web featuring unforgettable characters contending with blazing sexual tension and deep primal fears, while her young adult fare mined similar territory for teens.” —Sarah Weinman, National Post

“Nobody comingles genres like . . . Kelley Armstrong. A bushel of fantasy, a peck of crime, a dash of romance, and you have a recipe for a bestseller.” —The Globe and Mail 

“Armstrong has created a persuasive, finely detailed otherworldly cosmology—featuring sorcery, astral projection, spells, telepathy and teleportation—that meshes perfectly with the more humdrum world of interstate highways and cable news bulletins.” —Quill & Quire
“Mesmerizing . . . the ‘other-worldly’ atmosphere conjured up by Armstrong begins to seem strangely real. Armstrong is a talented and original writer whose inventiveness and sense of the bizarre is arresting.” —London Free Press
“Long before American author Stephenie Meyer came on the scene—four years before, to be precise—Canadian fantasy novelist Kelley Armstrong began paving the way with Women of the Otherworld.” —Winnipeg Free Press

“Kelley Armstrong is one of my favourite writers.” —Karin Slaughter

“Kelley Armstrong will never disappoint. . . . [O]ne of the queens of the genre.” —