Next Year, For Sure

Publisher: Doubleday Canada
An unflinching, sage and mesmerizing portrait of an open relationship, Next Year, For Sure defies expectation and heralds the beginning of a bright writing career.

After nine years together, Kathryn and Chris have the sort of relationship most would envy. They speak in the shorthand they have invented, complete one another's sentences and help each other through every daily and existential dilemma. When Chris tells Kathryn about his attraction to Emily, a vivacious young woman he sees often at the laundromat, Kathryn encourages him to ask her out on a date--certain that her bond with Chris is strong enough to weather whatever may come.
     As Kathryn and Chris stumble into polyamory, Next Year, For Sure tracks the tumultuous, revelatory and often very funny year that follows. When Chris's romance with Emily evolves beyond what anyone anticipated, both Chris and Kathryn are invited into Emily's communal home, where Kathryn will discover new possibilities of her own. In the confusions, passions and upheavals of their new lives, both Kathryn and Chris will be forced to reconsider their past and what they thought they knew about love.
     Offering a luminous portrait of a relationship from two perspectives, Zoey Leigh Peterson has written an empathic, beautiful and tremendously honest novel about a great love pushed to the edge. Deeply poignant and hugely entertaining, Next Year, For Sure shows us what lies at the mysterious heart of relationships, and what true openness and transformation require.



Next Year, For Sure
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"Zoey Leigh Peterson is a tremendously skilled and clever writer, and Next Year, For Sure tells a complicated story about love, non-monogamy and our expectations of other people. The novel is precise and patient, but at the same time, absolutely impossible to put down. You end up empathizing with every character. This is the first book I’ve read about fidelity and the complications of the heart that doesn’t take the easy route by making someone the hero and someone else the fall-guy. Peterson’s debut is startlingly good, remarkably unique and will resonate with anyone who has ever been in love, or questioned what a relationship should look like." ―Zoe Whittall, author of the Giller Prize-shortlisted novel The Best Kind of People

"With this energetic, fast-paced debut, the author has taken an empathetic and open-minded look at a couple who have made the conscious decision to define relationships outside the dictated status quo. It is a thoughtful, warm meditation on what it means to love, querying our widespread cultural reluctance to expand our definitions beyond traditional narratives and typical pairings." ―The Globe and Mail

"Zoey Leigh Peterson pulls off a difficult balancing act, creating deeply nuanced characters while sacrificing nothing for forward movement. Her bright, clear prose is as addictive and deceiving as a bottle of prosecco: you think one more sip, just one more sip—and before you know it, it's three in the morning." ―Katherine Heiny, author of Single, Carefree, Mellow
"This book is smart and fresh and full of surprises, with characters who are so richly drawn, so complex and funny and achingly vulnerable that knowing them left me with a sense of being better known. Upon finishing, I want to read every single thing Zoey Leigh Peterson has ever written and ever will write, books and stories, birthday cards and grocery lists. This novel dazzled me." ―Aryn Kyle, bestselling author of The God of Animals      

"A crisp, exciting exploration of love, friendship, and everything in between. Peterson's one to watch." —Kirkus Reviews 

"What's most impressive is that debut novelist Peterson has written a book that concretely explores the beginnings of an open relationship, its joys and pitfalls, and pulls it off in this easy-to-read and sympathetic character study." Booklist

"From page to page, the story and its language surprises so that we too remain uncertain of the direction we are headed towards. The strong narratorial voice pulls us uneasily into the unknown." —The Malahat Review

"Peterson's novel offers a terrific illustration of the distance between purely rational decisions and emotional reactions. And: a close examination of how well we can ever know ourselves. Though at times both wry and laughaloud, Next Year For Sure is also a case study in showcasing that old saying about being careful what you wish for." —Vancouver Sun

"A complicated, sensitive and honest account of a relationship in flux, prompting readers to consider the tension between wanting your partner to be happy and the personal sacrifice required to make that happen." —Canadian Living

"A stylish debut novel. . . . Peterson's a marvel at showcasing her capability for anatomizing a very human trait: agreeing to something in principle, but experiencing all manner of emotional responses that complicate that rational decision." —Toronto Star

"[A] terrific debut novel . . . [and] a refreshing take on love and routes to happiness. . . . [Next Year, For Sure has] an offbeat sensibility and ingenious narrative technique. . . . Behind the humour, however, lies an exploration of the kind of loneliness that you can find in some couples who seem really happy and perfectly paired." —The Georgia Straight
"An intimate and funny portrait of messy polyamory. Expertly crisp writing and nuanced protagonists make for a reading experience that is equally entertaining and thought-provoking." —Quill & Quire